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King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Is A Next-Gen XCOM-Like RPG

Hungarian developer NeocoreGames has announced King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, an XCOM-like turn-based tactical strategy with a heavier emphasis on RPG elements.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a modern retelling of classic Arthurian mythology filtered through the dark fantasy tropes, a twist on the traditional tales of chivalry.

The story campaign puts a huge emphasis on moral choices, which have significant consequences in a rogue-lite structure, adding extra tension to the tactical and management decisions.

Players assume the role of Sir Mordred, the nemesis of King Arthur, the former black knight of the grim tales. You killed King Arthur, but with his dying breath, he struck you down. You both died – and yet, you both live.

The Lady of the Lake, the ruler of the mystical island of Avalon brought you back to end a true nightmare.

She wants you to go on a knightly quest. She wants you to finish what you have begun. Kill King Arthur; or whatever he has become after she took his dying vessel to Avalon.

Players can choose from more than 30 heroes of five diverse classes to assemble an efficient team. Oh, and this game will also feature permadeath, just like XCOM.

The character progression system is designed to be as deep as in the traditional RPGs: heroes level up on unique skill trees and the complex loot system provides unique options to fine-tune their tactical capabilities.

The game will also feature the following:

  • 50 enemy types across seven factions.
  • 20 main story quests, with even more side-quests and ‘points of interest’.
  • A city management layer.
  • A branching narrative with several paths.
  • Tactical maps with a strong focus on using the environment and traps.
  • Endgame content for after the main campaign.

However, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is going to launch on Kickstarter starting from today on 13 October 2020. The developer is looking for US$150,000 to help give the game one final push before release.

Despite that, the game will still launch for the PC in early 2021 on Steam even if the Kickstarter goal isn’t reached, since the extra funds are only for the implementation of additional features.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X versions will be released on a later unspecified release window.

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