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Game #8: Astro’s Playroom

Who knew a tech demo of a PS5 could bring so much joy to both old-school and newbie gamers?

If anything, SIE Japan’s Asobi Team hit it out of the ballpark with its 3D platformer that highlights the chief reason you want to fight tooth and nail to get a PS5: its DualSense controller and the games it fully supports. Astro’s Playroom features a slew of levels and playgrounds to not only admire and awe thanks to its colourful and high-res visuals but also its DualSense-focused controls and gameplay.

Among all the motion control games I’ve played since the age of the Wii back in 2006, never have I been impressed with Asobi’s high-level effort and workmanship. The PlayStation tribute, cameos, and collectibles are also welcome and appreciated. It’s obvious PS propaganda, but it’s good-natured and genuine in its presentation.

It’s really tough to find and buy a PS5 right now. However, if you can secure one, rest assured that it comes with 2020’s best tech demo for a console.

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