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New Monster Hunter Rise Monsters Revealed, From Badasses To WTF

Capcom just unveiled more Monster Hunter love for Nintendo Switch users and gamers recently, with brand-new Monster Hunter Rise gameplay.

Here’s a breakdown of what was showcased on this 20-minute Capcom and Nintendo special.

  • New monsters! Or at least some old friends from past games with new skins and new moves. We have, in order of appearance, Goss Harag, Barioth, the creepy-as-hell Khezu, Great Baggi, Lagombi, Tigrex, Mizutsune, and main monster on the game’s cover Magnamalo. My favourites include the ice-bearing ogre-like Goss Harag, the water-dragon slinking beast Mizutsune, and the Joker-faced Khezu with its elongated neck.

  • In addition to jumping and climbing using the bug wire tool, you can also use it to temporarily control and hijack monsters (Wyvern Riding). You can use their moves and skills, enslaving them for a short bit to clear out the mob before getting off and resuming battle.
  • You can use this control technique to hijack a Rathalos.
  • More information on your home base, which takes cues from traditional Japanese homesteads and shrines, which is in contrast to the Western feel of past Monster Hunter bases.
  • A palico (cat slave in the MH series) who dresses like a ninja and uses a giant fan to send Meowcenearies off to monster-hunting missions.
  • Daily and weekly missions dished out online post-launch, just like with Monster Hunter World.
  • Players can check out the Monster Hunter Rise demo later this week from 8th January to 1st February on the Nintendo Switch store. The demo features a Beginner Quest, an Intermediate Quest, a Basic Training Quest featuring a new Wyvern Riding feature, and all 14 weapons for use.

Check out the sweet trailers and Monster Hunter Switch action below.


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