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If you need a special version of Square Enix’s underrated storybook JRPG Legend of Mana, you’re in luck.

Square Enix Asia announced that the physical version of Legend of Mana will be out in Southeast Asia for Nintendo Switch and PS4 later this year on 24th June. The physical version of the game will feature:

  • A download code for two tracks from the game,
  • A sticker set featuring artwork from the game,
  • Digital downloads for an original PS4 theme and avatar set.

It’s not as grand as the Japanese collector’s edition set though, which features the game, art book, a Li’l Catcus plush, and a physical OST CD pack for the game. Hopefully, Square Enix Asia can up their game and follow this line of collector’s edition thought.

The HD remaster of the game features high-resolution graphics, new arrangements for certain songs by Yoko Shimomura (the original composer for the game), a gallery mode and music mode, the ability to turn off encounters, and an auto-save/save anywhere function for easier grinding and playthroughs.


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