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Genshin Impact Serenitea Pot Housing Realm Guide: How To Build Your Fantasy Pad

This guide is periodically going through updates, since the Genshin Impact 1.5 update just went live. There’s a lot to unpack, so pardon our dust.

Genshin Impact’s version 1.5 update not only introduces new bosses and new quests/hangouts, but also a housing system called the Serenitea Pot. Basically, your new home for your husbandos and waifus are all in a tiny magical teapot controlled by some old bird adept lady.

Once you complete the simple Serenitea Pot quest, you’ll gain access to your first-ever Genshin Impact housing. Here are some tidbits on how to make your home a lovely one.

Realm Depot

The Serenitea Pot features a special store called the Realm Depot (heh) that sells you special items. You can only buy them with Realm Currency.

There are three tabs in the Realm Depot store: Realm Treasures, Furnishings, and Furnishing Blueprints. Realm Treasures features items that help you in your adventures.

Item Realm Currency Cost Trust Rank
5x Fabric 10 2
Transient Resin (instantly replenishes 60x original resin; expires a week after it’s obtained) 1200 6
Hero’s Wit 120 8
Mystic Enhancement Ore 60 8
10,000x Mora 120 8
Sanctifying Essence

(gives 10,000 artifact EXP when used)

360 8
Sanctifying Unction

(gives 2,500 artifact EXP when used)

)90 8

Furnishings offer decorations and furniture. The tab also offers the Vial of Adeptal Speed which finishes the crafting process of a single furnishing. Furnishing Blueprints offer dozens of blueprints for sale.

Getting Wood

In order to craft furniture and decorations for your Serenitea Pot house, you need resources and materials. You get dyes and fabrics from fruits, and craftables from wood.

To gather wood, you’ll need to hit trees with melee weapons like an actual anime JRPG lumberjack. When you hit a tree, you can get up to three pieces of wood. We’re literally talking ANY tree you come across in Genshin Impact; it’s open season for all fauna as far as furniture-crafting is concerned. Different trees yield different types of wood.

Here are the types of wood you can get and the prime locations to farm for them:

  • Fragrant Cedar – Wolvendom, Springvale, Dadaupa Gorge, Starfell Lake.
  • Bamboo Segments – Qingce Village area, Wuwang Hill.
  • Pine Wood – Dragonspine region (close to the Statue of the Seven)
  • Cuihua Wood – Cecilia Garden (near the fast travel point), Falcon Coast.
  • Birch Wood – Starfell Lake (close to the Statue of the Seven), Stormbearer Mountains, Cape Oath.
  • Fir Wood – Midsummer Courtyard domain.
  • Sandbearer Wood – Dihua Marsh, Mt. Tianheng, Mt. Aozang.

Secret Blueprints

You can gain access to additional blueprints later in the game after you’ve levelled up your Trust ranking in the Serenitea Pot housing system realm. These special blueprints cost a lot of Mora and are sold from specific vendors. Here’s how you can find them.

Goth the hotel owner: You can find him at the southern part of Mondstadt close to the windmills. He’ll be around the area from 8am to 5pm in-game time.

Item Cost (Mora)
Deadwood Road Sign 25,000
Lightning Protective Tent 50,000
Simple Single-Person Tent 50,000
Adventurer Camp 50,000
10,000x Mora 120

Master Lu: You can find him at the southern part of Qingce Village, close to the watermill. He’ll be around the area from 8am to 5pm in-game time.

Item Cost (Mora)
“The Adventurer’s Burden” 50,000
Lone and Cautious Adventurer 50,000
Dialogue Twixt Ancient Tree and Rock 50,000

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