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Genshin Impact Cross Save Guide : How To Link Your PlayStation Save To PC & Vice Versa

Genshin Impact 2.0’s update now features cross-saving for PlayStation consoles, meaning you can now play one account across every platform. Then again, most Genshin Impact players have more than one account due to gacha reasons, but that’s not what we’re here for.

We’re here to figure out how to cross-save between PlayStation consoles -PS4 and PS5- and PC platforms. Here’s how to link up your Genshin Impact saves between the two.

Cross-Save From PS4 To PC

You need to make sure you have an email that hasn’t been used to register a Mihoyo account before. Your PSN email can’t already be associated with a Mihoyo account due to the way the game sets up PlayStation saves.

Once you have an email not associated with a Mihoyo account, do the following.

  1.  Log into Genshin Impact on your PlayStation 4 or 5.
  2.  Go to Settings, then choose Account and click on User Center. From there, hit Link Account.
  3.  Enter your email to create a miHoYo account and link your PSN to it.

Cross-Save From PC To PS4

Just make sure you do not have a Genshin Impact save file on your PlayStation console before doing the following:

  1.  Install and launch Genshin Impact on your PlayStation 4 or 5.
  2.  When a pop-up screen appears, follow the instructions to link your miHoYo account to PSN.
  3.  Your PC save should now appear on your PS4 or PS5.

Can I Unlink My Accounts Later On?

No, you cannot. There’s no going back once you’ve linked your PSN and Mihoyo accounts.

What Are The Limitations To Cross-Saving?

Quite a few.

  • Any PlayStation-exclusive items, like the glider and sword, can’t be used when playing the game on PC.
  • However, you can claim Horizon Zero Dawn’s Aloy early on PlayStation and use her on PC.
  • You can only make in-game purchases on the platform on which you started. So if you started on PC, you cannot buy anything in-game on PlayStation, and vice versa.
  • You can use the Mihoyo top-up centre (or here to support us) to buy monthly cards and genesis crystals; you need to buy battle passes on your original device, however.
  • All future genesis crystals you buy are locked to the device you purchased them from. So if you have a few on your PS4, convert them into primogems to use them on the PC.

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