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Diablo 2: Resurrected – The Best Builds To Start

Diablo 2: Resurrected is a heckuva remaster. Not only are the new 3D graphics well-made, the game’s controller mapping and inputs feel natural and spot-on, to the point where keyboard-and-mouse users may consider switching to an Xbox/PlayStation controller when braving through the action RPG. Blizzard has indeed outdone themselves in revving up the game for 2021 while still preserving the classic looting and potions-heavy gameplay.

As such, the game is obviously not as streamlined as its later peers like Path of Exile or even Diablo 3. So you may have to temper your expectations when entering this prequel. We’re here to help: these are the character builds we suggest (via MaxRoll.gg) to get the ball rolling in your action RPG from Normal to Hell difficulty. Keep in mind that you may need to respec your character once you reach level 30 onward.


For the Druid, arguably one of the top-tier classes next to Paladin and Sorceress, you will want to focus on the Elemental tree to set Sanctuary on fire. Literally.

Skill Tree Focus: Elemental

Firestorm: 13 Skill Points
Molten Bolder: 2 Skill Points
Fissure: 20 Skill Points

Skill Points Allocation Order

Level 2-5: Firestorm
Level 6-7: Molten Boulder
Level 8-11: Firestorm
Level 12-31: Fissure
Level 32-33: Firestorm
Extra points: Firestorm

Suggested Respec Options After Level 33

Go for a Tornado + Hurricane build, which is a pretty good Solo Druid build. Basically, you use your Grizzly as a tank and your Tornado and Hurricane to deal Physical and Cold damage to anyone foolish enough to stand in your way. Add 1 skill point each for your Oak Sage, Raven, Grizzly, and Spirit/Dire Wolf summons, then spend the majority of your points on Tornado.

Oak Sage – 1 Skill Point
Raven – 1 Skill Point
Summon Spirit Wolf – 1 Skill Point
Summon Dire Wolf – 1 Skill Point
Summon Grizzly – 1 Skill Point
Artic Blast -1 Skill Point
Cyclone Armor – 20 Skill Point
Twister – 20 Skill Point
Tornado – 20 Skill Point
Hurricane – 20 Skill Points


The Sorceress is spoilt for choice to have multiple effective skill tree options at the start, unlike the Druid. The Sorceress can either focus on Fire Ball (beginner-friendly), Nova (radius AoE damage), and Static Field Support (group play). We’ll just focus on the Fire Ball-to-Cold-Spells skill tree focus since it’s very beginner-friendly and damage-heavy.

Skill Tree Focus


Frost Nova: 1
Frozen Armor: 1


Charged Bolt: 4
Static Field: 5
Telekinesis: 1
Teleport: 1


Fire Bolt: 1
Fire Ball: 13

Skill Points Allocation Order

Level 2-4: Charged Bolt
Level 6: Frost Nova and Static Field (save Level 5 skill point for this)
Level 7-8: Static Field
Level 9: Telekinesis
Level 10: Frozen Armor
Level 11: Fire Bolt
Level 12-17: Fire Ball
Level 18: Fire Ball + Teleport (save extra Radament quest Act 2 skill point here)
Level 19+: Fire Ball

Suggested Respec Options After Level 24

At Level 24, just respec to the Cold Skill tree; we’ll be using Blizzard as our main Damage skill, with all other skills complementing this style of play. Yes, Diablo himself and his minions are mostly susceptible to Cold, so it’s best to focus on this path.

Telekinesis: 4
Teleport: 4
Static Field: 8
Frozen Armor: 4
Ice Bolt: 4
Ice Blast: 23
Frost Nova: 4
Glacial Spike: 19
Blizzard: 23
Cold Mastery: 23


Add points to Strength for gear-equipping requirement purposes. Allocate enough Dexterity to equip gear. Add 10 points to Energy. Then put remaining skill points into Vitality.


The Paladin’s early level spree can be a tad complicating skill tree-wise. You need to put skill points into all 3 of his tabs to synergize all his available abilities.

Skill Tree Focus: All Of Them

Defensive Auras

Resist Fire: 3

Offensive Auras

Might: 1
Holy Fire: 12


Sacrifice: 1
Zeal: 1
Smite: 1
Charge: 1

Skill Points Allocation Order

Level 2: Might
Level 3: Sacrifice
Level 4-5: Resist Fire
Level 6-9: Holy Fire
Level 10: Smite
Level 11-12: Charge, Zeal
Level 13-18: Holy Fire
Level 19-20: Holy Fire
Extra Skill Point: Resist Fire

Suggested Respec Options After Level 20

If you want an easy Solo Paladin who can team up with a group, you should focus on Blessed Hammer and Concentration as your main damage dealing options.

Prayer: 1
Cleansing: 1
Defiance: 1
Vigor: 20
Might: 1
Blessed Aim: 20
Concentration: 20
Holy Bolt: 1
Blessed Hammer: 20
Smite: 1
Charge: 1
Holy Shield: 1


Focus on Strength for gear equipping purposes and Vitality for all remaining skill points. Add points to Dexterity for gear-equipping purposes. You don’t need to allocate points into Energy.


As fun as it is to summon an army of skeletons, that kind of Necromancer build is meant for those familiar with the game. If you’re new and want to get through most of D2 with the Necromancer, we suggest using Teeth and Bone Spear in Normal mode before upgrading to a pet-focused playstyle. Throw in some Corpse Explosion and you’ll have a gay old AoE-damaging time!

Skill Tree Focus: All Of Them


Clay Golem: 1

Poison And Bone

Teeth: 22
Corpse Explosion: 1
Bone Spear: 7


Amplify Damage: 1
Iron Maiden: 1

Skill Points Allocation Order

Level 2-5: Teeth
Level 6: Clay Golem
Level 7-10: Teeth
Level 11: Amplify Damage
Level 12: Iron Maiden
Level 13-16: Teeth
Level 17: Corpse Explosion
Level 18-24: Bone Spear

Suggested Respec Options After Level 24

Give your Necromancer a massive defensive boost by maxing out Corpse Explosion as much as possible. Also, Bone Armor gains more damage absorb from the other synergized abilities you put skill points in like Bone Wall and Bone Prison, so you only need to put in one point for Bone Armor.

Clay Golem: 2
Teeth: 3
Corpse Explosion: 24
Bone Spear: 24
Bone Armor: 2
Bone Wall: 21
Bone Prison: 21
Amplify Damage: 2
Iron Maiden: 2


Put points in Strength and Dexterity for gear requirement needs. Then put 10 or so points into Energy. After that, just put all remaining points into Vitality.


Carry two weapons in each hand, and kill anything in your way: that’s the Barbarian’s problem-solving tactic. Here’s how you should allocate your skill tree for the Barbarian up to Level 15 before respeccing.

Skill Tree Focus: Combat Masteries & Combat

Combat Masteries

Mace: 2


Bash: 6
Leap: 1
Double Swing: 6

Skill Point Allocation Order

Level 2: Bash
Level 3-4: Mace Mastery
Den of Evil extra point: Bash
Level 5-6: Double Swing, Leap
Level 7-11: Double Swing
Level 12-15: Bash

Suggested Respec Options After Level 15

This one’s a little tricky: you’ll need to have your Barbarian have different Warcries for the onslaught of enemies regardless of Normal or Hell difficulty. Keep Battle Orders and Battle Command active at all times, then use War Cry to stop enemies.

Howl: 13
Taunt: 23
Battle Cry: 25
War Cry: 25
Battle Orders: 13
Battle Command: 6
Mace Mastery: 6
Increased Stamina: 6
Increased Speed: 6
Iron Skin: 6
Natural Resistance: 6
Bash: 6
Leap: 6
Stun: 6
Leap Attack: 6
Concentrate: 6


Add enough Strength points for gear requirements, while adding enough Dexterity to obtain 50% Chance To Block. Pour the rest into Vitality and ignore Energy.


The starter build’s Assassin will focus on Fire Blast and Wake of Fire in Normal difficulty, then transitions into Lightning Sentry and Death Sentry for higher difficulties. Wake of Fire is the best “set and forget” trap that will deal loads of damage against single and multiple targets. Fire Blast serves as synergy to Wake of Fire.

Skill Tree Focus: Shadow Disciplines and Traps

Shadow Disciplines

Claw Mastery: 1
Burst of Speed: 5


Fire Blast: 13
Wake of Fire: 20

Skill Allocation Order

Levels 2-4: Fire Blast
Level 5: Claw Mastery
Level 6-7: Burst of Speed
Level 8: Fire Blast
Level 9-11: Burst of Speed
Level 12 onward: Wake of Fire, and 1 extra point into Fire Blast

Suggested Respec Options After Level 35

Like we mentioned, Lightning Sentries and Death Sentries are the go-to traps to use in Nightmare and Hell difficulties. You’ll also want to keep Burst of Speed up at all times. For max damage, stack up 5 Lightning Sentries in one spot.

Claw Mastery: 4
Burst of Speed: 9
Psychic Hammer: 4
Cloak of Shadow: 4
Mind Blast: 4
Fire Blast: 4
Shock Web: 23
Charged Bolt Sentry: 18
Lightning Sentry: 23
Death Sentry: 23


Add Strength and Dexterity points for gear requirement purposes. Put 10 points into Energy until Level 12. When you respec, don’t put any points in Energy. Add remaining points into Vitality.


The queen of ranged attacks may not be as strong as her contemporaries, but she can still pack a punch from afar. For this starter build, we’ll focus on Exploding Arrow and Fire Arrow until halfway in Nightmare difficulty. When you reach that point, you’ll need to respec to using Lightning Fury and Charged Strike.

Skill Tree Focus: Javelin & Spear, Bow and Crossbow

Javelin & Spear

Poison Javelin: 6

Bow & Crossbow

Magic Arrow: 1
Fire Arrow: 12
Multiple Shot: 1
Exploding Arrow: 20

Skill Allocation Order

Level 2-4: Fire Arrow
Den of Evil skill point reward: Magic Arrow
Level 5-6: Poison Javelin and Multiple Shot
Level 7-11: Poison Javelin
Level 12 Onward: Exploding Arrow
Extra points: Fire Arrow

Suggested Respec Options After Level 36

You should respec to a Lightning Fury build once you’ve reached Nightmare difficulty since no skill can rival this Amazon skill’s power. Combined with Pierce, Lightning Fury can ricochet within monster groups until no one is left standing. Charged Strike is used against single targets and bosses. Use Decoy and Valkyrie in case you get overwhelmed.

Jab: 2
Power Strike: 10
Charged Strike: 21
Poison Javelin: 2
Lightning Bolt: 21
Plague Javelin: 2
Lightning Fury: 21
Inner Sight: 2
Critical Strike: 2
Dodge: 2
Slow Missile: 2
Avoid: 2
Penetrate: 2
Decoy: 2
Evade: 2
Valkyrie: 2
Pierce: 6


Allocate enough Strength and Dexterity points for gear requirements. Put 20 stat points into Energy. After that, put all remaining points into Vitality.

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