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Ex-Aeon Must Die! Developers Released Public Statement About Upcoming Game

Mishura Games, the former developers of the then-cancelled-but-now-on-Steam-again indie game Aeon Must Die!, just released a public statement about the legality of the title, which is coming out this week.

Mishura Games, which has no affiliation with publisher Focus Entertainment and developer Limestone Games, stated that while both companies own some of the IP to the game, they do not have all of the IP rights and authorizations in place. The indie developer are encouraging Limestone Games to release the animation contract that its chief 3D animator Aleksei Nehorohskin (who is also ex-CEO of Limestone Games) which states that he was paid for the animations of Aeon Must Die! For those not in the know, Aleksei was ousted from his own company by his Limestone Games business partners.

Mishura Games also asked that Focus and Limestone make public the signed contract and paid check and invoice of Arsen Shakhbabyan, who was the creator of the Aeon Must Die! trailer that he wasn’t paid for up to this day. The indie game company also ask that Focus publish the results of its alleged three independent investigations into Limestone Games’ unsavoury work conditions during the development of Aeon Must Die!

You can read the full public statement here. Mishura Games is developing an upcoming roguelike brawler called Immortal: And The Death That Follows which will be out in 2025. An Early Access build will be up in 2023.

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