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Filipino-made online shooter Project Xandata is out in open beta.

The game is a skill-based team-focused 3v3 shooter by veteran developer Secret 6. You can customize your character and choose between a number of base classes: Agent, Marksman, and Juggernaut. You also get 9 weapons with various perks to match your playstyle.

In addition, the game also has a new 3v3 mode called Annihilation: it’s basically a last team standing mode where you kill opponents and only have 3 revives on you.

The full patch notes are below; the game is available on Steam right now.


  • Annihilation is now included in the game mode rotation when match start is 3v3

  • Player names and game mode text appear in Match Intro scene


  • Fixed incorrect Rare Weapon Skin names in Prestige Pass

  • Improved Overcharge announcer voice lines

  • Reduced default volume settings from 10 to 5

  • Title screen volume can now be controlled with main menu volume


  • Agent – Suimuran Ice

    • Suimuran Edge slash now costs 2.05 instead of 1.5


  • Favorhouse Sniper Rifle

    • Perk Changes

      • Illuminating Mind

        • Blind duration reduced from 1.3 to 0.4

        • Only procs AOE Blind on headshot kills


  • Fixed Guillotine Shotgun’s animation to match rate of fire

  • Fixed issue with Ironbark’s Perk “Zen Contemplator” description indicating  Range instead of Accuracy

  • Fixed “Acquired from” descriptions of First Wave and Schooled Nameplates

  • Fixed collision issue in Site Agalon where the player drops through the roof of trucks when eliminated on top of it

  • Removed collider for small walkway behind High Suludlan waterfall to prevent players entering the restricted area


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