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Genshin Impact’s latest Dragonspine quest line features a unique boss for you and your party to take down: the Fellflower Boss. Before you start, do check out our other guides to help you out.

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How To Access The Fellflower Boss

Complete the second half of the Shadows Amidst Snowstorms questline featuring Albedo. You’ll eventually get to fight the Fellflower. After that, you can participate in the boss fight multiple times for profit!

Fellflower Boss Guide

This special boss is pretty easy: get rid of its ice armour, sort out its Arcane Fruits and Essence, and then deal with its weaker-but-still-formidable second form. You can either solo this with your own party or team up with online players to tackle this boss.

Here are the steps and phases to keep in mind.

Phase 1

The first phase of this fight has the Fellflower completely shielded. To break its defenses, you’ll need to destroy the Arcane Fruits – the large red crystals thrown out one at a time. The Arcane Fruits also have certain attack patterns, such as crashing down on the ground or firing projectiles.

After an Arcane Fruit is destroyed, three to four Arcane Essences will spawn. Pick these small crystals up to prevent the boss from assimilating them and replenishing its shield.

The boss will do the following attacks:

  • Avalanche – White circles will appear on the ground. After a second, ice blocks will crash down.
  • Rolling Snowballs – Three snowballs will get summoned, rolling outward and hitting you.
  • Cryo Slime – At least one large Cryo Slime will be spawned during the fight.

Phase 2

Once the Fellflower’s armour has been fully depleted, it shrinks and will fight in its second phase. Here are its main attacks:

  • Snowball Throw  – It’ll throw several snowballs in quick succession.
  • Flower Turret – The bulb will follow you around and shoot projectiles.
  • Burrow – The Fellflower will go underground before popping back up.

Vanquisher’s Emblem Tasks

Defeating the Fellflower will net you Vanquisher’s Emblems. Use these to buy special items at the limited time store.

Item Vanquisher’s Emblem Cost Purchase Limit
Crown of Insight 500 1
Alkahest – Used as a refinement material for the Cinnabar Spindle 400 2
Blue/3-star talent booklets (Freedom, Resistance, and Ballad) 20 6
Purple/4-star talent booklets (Freedom, Resistance, and Ballad) 60 2
10,000 mora 10 50

Here are the tasks to earn you more Vanquisher’s Emblems:

  • Destroy the Arcane Fruits and defeat the Fellflower – This just means beating it normally.
  • Interrupt the snowball attack – Destroy an Arcane Fruit while the Fellflower is using its snowball attack to interrupt the casting animation.
  • Defeat the Fellflower without allowing it to absorb Arcane Essence – Just be quick when grabbing the Arcane Essence after an Arcane Fruit is destroyed.
  • Don’t get hit by its subterranean attacks – It seems that this refers to its burrowing attack, so just move away when it goes underground.
  • Don’t get hit by the Arcane Fruits’ hammer strikes – It seems that this refers to the jumping attacks that the Arcane Fruits tend to do. You can run away from the red circles that appear to avoid getting hit.
  • Defeat four monsters created by the Arcane Fruits – At least one large Cryo Slime gets spawned, so make sure you take it out before killing the Fellflower. Just repeat this across four encounters to complete the tally.

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