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Warframe, the free-to-play third-person co-op shooter set in space, is getting a new cinematic expansion later this month.

The DLC is called The New War and it’ll be the biggest expansion developer Digital Extreme has ever done. Slated for 15th December, the expansion will give players access to new characters, missions, and environments, including open worlds under siege by sentient beings from the Tau system. The expansion will also move the game’s plot forward and answer questions in Warframe’s sci-fi universe.

Here’s a quote from the game’s creative director Steve Sinclair (via PC Gamer):

“Warframe’s story is everything to us. The New War is the experience players have wanted since the quest title was first revealed at TennoCon 2018. This moment is the culmination of years of experimentation in game development and feeding the beast that is Warframe.

Our community has given us everything to let us continue the story that is both ours and theirs—Warframe is a shared experience. With the launch of The New War, players will have a definitive Warframe experience at their fingertips, and it sets the stage for Warframe’s continued growth. We’ve only just begun.”

You can get more details, as well as find out more about the current Prime Resurgence event (featuring Prime Warframes) on the official website.

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