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MAGFest 2022 Discloses Dozens Of COVID-19 Exposures

2022 may not be a good time to host a public event, no matter how awesome it is.

Recently, MAGFest organizers announced that several dozen attendees for MAGFest 2022 in National Harbor, Maryland in USA, have tested positive for COVID-19/coronavirus. The official website has listed 75 different exposed events and locations. This includes a party room that had a “Cum Over” sign on the windows. Yes, really.

That’s a lot of rooms and places, so it’s no surprise that a majority of event-goers may have traces of COVID-19 latched onto them. So far, 59 out of the 10,581 attendees have tested positive for COVID-19. 25 of them were vaccine boosted while 34 of them weren’t. All attendees are encouraged to submit a self-report form for positive test results.

Of course, this isn’t going to deter other gaming festivals from happening. These include DICE Summit, Game Developers Conference, Gamescom, and PAX East. The full list of COVID-19-exposed MAGFest 2022 venues and rooms are below:

  • Panels:

    • Opening Ceremonies (Thursday, 12pm-1pm)

    • Before the (Space)War (Thursday, 4pm-5pm)

    • Ping Me: High Performance Communication in Competitive Gaming (Thursday, 6:30pm-7pm)

    • Intro to Vtubing (Thursday, 8:30pm-9:30pm)

    • Learning to DJ panel (Thursday, 10pm-11pm)

    • Video Game Lawsuit panel (Friday, 11:30am-12:30pm)

    • Parenting a Toxic Gamer (Friday, 1pm-2pm)

    • Magfest 21+ panel (Friday, 1:30pm-2:30pm)

    • Designing a Tabletop Roleplaying Game (Friday, 3pm-4pm, Riverview Ballroom)

    • Capt Crabs panel (Friday, 5pm-6pm)

    • MAGFest Versus (Friday, 6pm-9pm)

    • Narrative Storytelling in Game Design (Friday, 6:30pm-7pm)

    • Dungeon Creation & Adventure Writing 101 (Friday, 7pm-8pm, Riverview Ballroom)

    • “Strange New Worlds”: Othering in Video Game Music (Friday, 8pm-8:45pm)

    • Super Art Fight (Friday, 9pm-11pm)

    • Salty Bet Live (Friday, 11pm-1am)

    • Sea Shanties (Saturday, 1am-2am)

    • 3rd Annual Team Rocket Summit (Saturday, 1am-2am)

    • Rediscovering Pump It Up (Saturday, 2pm-3pm)

    • Animal Crossing panel (Saturday, 3pm-6pm)

    • Nintendo’s Finest Commercials panels (Saturday, 6:30pm-7:30pm)

    • Music Production & Mixing with Richie Beretta (Saturday, 5:30pm-6:30pm)

    • BrentalFloss panel (Saturday, 6:30pm-7:30pm)

    • Video Game Name That Tune (Saturday, 10pm-11:30pm)

    • “Mom, the gacha stole my credit card” (Saturday, 10:30pm-11:30pm)

    • Charity Auction (Sunday, 11am-2pm)

  • Makerspace:

    • Resin Casting for Cosplay (Friday, 7pm-8pm)

    • Armor Academy: Chainmail (Friday, 6:30pm-7:30pm)

    • Advanced Propmaking (Saturday, 4pm-5pm)

    • Armor Academy: Plate Armor (Saturday, 7:30pm-9pm)

    • Soapbox (Saturday, 11pm-3am)

  • Cosplay Photoshoots:

    • Fire Emblem photoshoot (Friday, 4pm-5pm)

    • Arknights photoshoot (Friday, 5pm-6pm)

    • Spike Chunsoft photoshoot (Saturday, 8:30pm-9:30pm)

    • Square Enix photoshoot (Saturday, 7pm-8:30pm)

  • Mainstage Concerts:

    • Lacey Johnson (Thursday, 8pm-9pm)

    • Triforce Quartet (Friday, 5pm-6pm)

    • Negativland + SUE-C (Friday, 9pm-10pm)

    • Bit Brigade (Friday, 11:15pm-12am)

    • Super Guitar Bros (Saturday, 5pm-6pm)

    • Paladin (Saturday, 9pm-10pm, especially in mosh pit)

    • Mega Ran (Saturday, 10pm-11pm)

    • The Megas (Saturday, 11pm-12am)

    • Chiprave (Saturday/Sunday early AM, 12am-3:30am)

  • POSE/Replay Rooftop Bar:

    • Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 6pm-2am

  • Other Music:

    • POSE/Replay Rooftop Bar (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

    • Jam Clinic open jams (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

    • Jam Clinic bandaoke (Saturday, 6pm-9pm)

    • Jampod outside Maryland Ballroom (Friday evening)

  • Room Parties at Gaylord Rooms:

    • 4013

    • 4329

    • 6325

    • 7228

    • 8320

    • 9028

    • 10058

    • 10215

    • 11219

    • 12036

    • 19130

    • the room with the “Cum Over” message on the windows (sorry)

  • Tabletop:

    • Freeplay (Thursday, 12am-2am; Friday, 2pm-8pm; Saturday, 9pm-11pm; Sunday, 1pm-4pm)

    • Are you a werewolf? (Thurs 2pm-11pm; Friday 2pm-11pm; Saturday 2pm-11pm)

    • Roll One Out (Friday, 1pm-2pm)

    • Designing a Tabletop Roleplaying Game (Friday, 3pm-4pm, Riverview Ballroom)

    • Dungeon Creation & Adventure Writing 101 (Friday, 7pm-8pm)

  • LAN:

    • Jackbox Party (Thursday, 9pm-10:30pm)

    • Valorant tournament (Friday, 7pm-12am)

    • Rocket League tournament (Saturday, 1pm-4pm)

  • Simulations (Starship Horizons):

    • Thursday: 12pm, 5pm-6pm, 10pm

    • Friday: 10am-11am, 12pm, 2pm-4:30pm

    • Saturday: 12pm, 6pm-7pm

  • Museum:

    • Thursday, 5pm-5:30pm

  • Other Gaming:

    • CCG tournaments including MTG Modern tournament (Thursday, 5pm-8pm)

    • VR Zone (Thursday, 6:30pm)

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