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Pokemon Legends Arceus Frenzied Noble Pokemon Boss Fight Guide

Disclaimer: this guide is still under development…

In the open-worl(ish) RPG of Pokemon Legends Arceus, you will come across a ton of wild Pokemon of different shapes and sizes ready for hunting and taming. However, there are boss Pokemon you have to watch out for.

Enter the Frenzied Noble Pokemon: legendary beasts that roam Hisui, glow and rampage like mad, and need to be quelled. Fighting these beasts will yield big rewards, but aren’t easy of course. Here are some tips to deal with them.

Frenzied Noble Pokemon: What Are They?

While players are exploring Hisui, they will encounter the four Wardens. These gifted Trainers are the caretakers of the Noble Pokemon in the region.

A mysterious force related to the game’s story has transformed the Noble Pokemon into raging monsters. As a part of the Survey Corps, players are tasked with going into each of their territories and curing them of their enraged state. Frenzied Pokemon glow a bright yellow and rampage across the land in battles. Basically, these are the game’s boss fights.

How To Beat Frenzied Noble Pokemon

Talk To A Warden

First, talk to the Wardens to get the scoop on the Noble Pokemon in the region. The Wardens are responsible for taking care of the land where the Noble Pokemon live in; they cannot feed or give offering to them due to their raging.

The Wardens will ask the player to cure the Frenzied Noble Pokemon that is under their care. From what we know so far, Warden Lian tasks Trainers early on in the game to stop Kleavor from rampaging in the Obsidian Fieldlands.

Find  The Frenzied Noble Pokemon

Once you are given the task, players will then need to head out to the Obsidian Fieldlands to find the enraged Pokemon. Each of the Frenzied Noble Pokemon will be sectioned off in their own territory on the map.

Fight Them & Use Forest Balms

After you enter into their territory and find them, approach the yellow glowing Pokemon to engage them in battle. Players can send out their own Pokemon to use attacks to lower their HP.

Trainers will need to hit the Y button to dodge as the Frenzied Noble will charge at you. Once you lower its health enough, the Pokemon will become stunned. This is when you need to cure it by throwing Forest Balm at it. By throwing Balms at the Noble, you will lower its yellow Frenzied meter which sits above its head. Of course, the Noble Pokemon will keep on attacking you, so just dodge and get out of the way while pelting it with Balms.

The goal of the battle is to bring this meter down completely. If you manage to bring its health all the way down with attacks or items, this is still helpful as it gives you a vital window to pelt the Noble with as many Balms as possible.

Cure Them & Feed Them

Once you have brought down the yellow meter completely with enough Balms, the Frenzied Noble will become cured of its enraged status. Trainers will eventually be able to catch the special Pokemon after releasing it from its Frenzied state. That’s it!

List Of Noble Pokemon & Warden


Level: 18

Type: Bug, Rock

Warden: Lian

Ability: Can cut down obstacles to access previously blocked paths.

Balm: Forest Balm

Overview: The Lord of the Woods is helpful to the people of Hisui because they use pieces of its stone-like body to craft tools and weapons. It also appears to cut down large trees to clear obstacles in its path. Earning Kleavor’s favor may help the player’s traversal through the world.

How To Find & Beat: Lower Kleavor’s Frenzy gauge by battling it with your Pokemon. Frenzied Noble Pokemon will get stunned when you’ve dealt a good amount of damage against them with your Pokemon.

Bringing a Water-Type such as Oshawott or Buizel can help you deal super-effective moves against Kleavor.


Level: 30

Type: Grass

Mission: Arezu’s Predicament

Balm: Marsh Balm

How To Beat: Liligant has jump attacks, so watch out for those since the area you’re fighting it in is pretty small. Try to move around near the edge of the map and time your dodges while it’s doing this. When its Frenzy Gauge is halved, the Noble Pokemon will unleash shockwave attacks that expand its attack radius. This phase requires you to roll towards the shockwave as soon as it hits you.

After 2 to 3 jump attacks, the Noble Pokemon will recover, so throw Marsh Balms at it during this bit. After that, send a Pokemon with Flying-type moves to battle like Dartrix, Quilava, and Staravia. Same deal when it’s doing the shockwave attacks; just find an opening and throw Balms/attack.


Level: 46

Type: Electric, Grass

Mission: Scaling Perilous Heights

Balm: Mountain Balm

How To Beat: Bring items that cure paralysis; Electrode has a ton of moves that deal the paralysis status.

Avoid & dodge the multiple Hisuian Voltorbs from the sky; they explode upon landing. Electrode will also send out balls of electricity that homes onto the player. It moves slow but deals big damage, so avoid it unless you want to black out of the fight early!

Electrode will charge for an attack and deal a wide-ranged move. Avoid that; when it’s done with that move, it’ll be worn out. That’s when you throw Mountain Balms at it and Pokemon too. For the latter, throw Fire, Ice, Poison, or Bug type moves at it like Typholosion and Rapidash.


Level: 56

Type: Ice

Mission: Slumbering Lord of the Thundra

Balm: Snow Balm

How To Beat: Avalugg will shoot out balls of ice from right to left, and then back. Dodge towards the opposite direction of these attacks when it’s about to hit you.

Avalugg also has a ground icicle attack that summons a series of them. These move in one direction; just avoid the straight trajectory it’s on and you’re fine. Avalugg can also summon icicles that shoot towards the player like a missile. Just dodge it at the last second when it’s unleashed; just be moving when it’s summoning the icicles and you’ll react to it just fine.

Avalugg will shoot out a pretty cool (heh) sweeping ice beam from its mouth; just dodge towards the opposite direction when it’s about to hit you. Eventually, it’ll get worn out: use Snow Balms to reduce its Frenzy meter and Pokemon with Fighting and Steel type moves to deal with it (like Gallade, Decidueye, and Samurott)


Level: 70

Type: Fire, Rock

Mission: The Lordless Island

Balm: Volcano Balm

How To Beat: Dodge its lunge and jump attacks (that deal AoE damage) during the early phase. Also, be aware that you’re fighting Arcanine in a place surrounded by lava, so be careful where you’re dodging at.

During the fight, Arcanine will charge for a powerful attack. While it’s charging, there will be five fireballs atop its head. Throw Volcano Balms during this phase. 5 throws will stun the Pokemon; you can either throw more Balms or send a Pokemon to attack. Use Water and Ground type Pokemon for this phase like Machamp and Golem.

Also, you need to watch it when Arcanine sets part of the map on fire; this limits the areas you can access.

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