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Horizon Forbidden West Tallnecks & Cauldrons Location Guide: How To Find & Solve Them All

Horizon Forbidden West is out now and is quite an adventure if you’re into open-world RPGs and robot dinosaur killing-slash-overriding.

You’ll be doing quite a bit of the latter, and you need to power up Aloy’s tech stick to jack into robot beasts and tame them even for a brief moment. You do this by sticking your stick into cores located in Cauldrons. You’ll also need to get the lay of the West you’ll be exploring, meaning you’ll need to scale onto giant robot beasts called Tallnecks and scan the region you’re in.

We have guides for both the Tallnecks and the Cauldrons. Here they are:

Horizon Forbidden West All Tallneck Locations & Walkthroughs

Horizon Forbidden West All Cauldron Locations & Walkthroughs

Cauldron MU

Located at the southeast part of the map. It’s at the southwest of the Tallneck at Cinnabar Sands. Requires level 18 to tackle effectively.
Overrides unlocked: Burrower, Scrounger, Grazer, Scrapper, Fanghorn, Widemaw.

Cauldron IOTA

Located at the northern edge of the central part of the map. It’s north of the Tallneck at the Shining Wastes. Requires level 22 to tackle effectively.
Overrides unlocked: Leaplasher, Glinthawk, Lancehorn, Longleg, Clawstrider, Skydrifter, Bellowback, Ravager, Snapmaw, Rollerback.

Cauldron KAPPA

Located at the northwest part of the map at the coastline. It’s northwest of the Tallneck at The Stand of the Sentinels. Requires level 40 to tackle effectively.
Overrides unlocked: Rockbreaker, Tideripper, Tremortusk, Stormbird, Thunderjaw, Slitherfang, Dreadwing, Slaughterspine.

Cauldron CHI

Located at the southwest part of the map. It’s south of the Tallneck at The Stand of the Sentinels.
Overrides unlocked: Frostclaw, Redeye Watcher, Shell-Walker, Clamberjaw, Behemoth, Stalker, Shellsnapper, Spikesnout, Scorcher, Fireclaw

Cauldron Tau/Repair Bay Tau

Play through the game’s Main Quest 6: The Dying Lands. You’ll be exploring that Cauldron.
Overrides unlocked: Plowhorn, Bristleback

Cauldron GEMINI

Play through the Main Quest 14: GEMINI. You’ll explore that Cauldron through the course of the story.
Overrides unlocked: Sunwing

For more guides, do check out our Horizon Forbidden West skills & leveling guide.

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