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Malaysia’s Kaigan Games Announces Simulacra 3

Malaysia-based developer Kaigan Games and publisher Neon Doctrine have officially announced Simulacra 3. Kaigan Games previously released horror titles for PC and mobile like 2017’s Sara Is Missing and Simulacra, 2019’s Simulacra 2 and 2021’s Doctor Who And The Lonely Assassins (check out our review here).

The synopsis for Simulacra 3 reads:

The once charming town of Stonecreek has seen better days. People are vanishing into thin air, leaving nothing behind but strange symbols where they were last seen. With the police baffled and the populace terrified, rumors swirl that it is the doing of the Beldam, the ghost of a witch that once haunted the streets of Stonecreek.

You are the intern at the local paper, tasked with assisting the town’s star journalist, Ruby Myers, on her investigation into the disappearances. Your only lead is the phone of the missing Paul Castillo, a software developer, an amateur historian of the town, and one of Ruby’s sources. While Ruby does the legwork, your job is to hack into Paul’s phone for any clues left behind. New apps, exciting features, and fresh terror await those who delve into the darkest corners of the digital realms as you investigate the Beldam of Stonecreek.

In Simulacra 3, you’ll see your actions play out in real time, as well as react to video calls in real time. You will also be able to hack into security systems to aid Ruby as she evades danger in your investigation. Last but not least, learn about the once-charming rural town of Stonecreek, now corrupted by gentrification and evil’s shadow.

Simulacra 3 is coming to PC via Steam and mobile via Android and iOS. However, there is no release date yet. In the meantime, check out the trailer below:


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