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Guilty Gear Another Story: Departure is a new side story that happens during the game’s main plot and is available now for Season 1 Pass holders as new content. It’s not exactly free since you need to pay for the Season Pass and it’s only less than an hour long. And it’s clearly tailored for those who finished all of Guilty Gear’s story modes and Guilty Gear Strive’s epic main story mode.

However, it does offer one major bonus: it concludes the series-wide story arc of a fan favourite character.

I’m referring to the well-endowed samurai Baiken. Throughout the first Guilty Gear, she has been seeking revenge against That Man for her misfortunes involving her country of Japan and her loved ones, all of them dead thanks to That Man. However, she did find some semblance of purpose thanks to a lot of coaxing from her friend Anji Mito and a couple of the cast from Guilty Gear Xrd.

In Guilty Gear Strive, she ends up being the bodyguard of Delilah, the young sister of the now-dead antagonist Bedman who is seeking revenge against That Man as well. However, Baiken ends up being a “Big Sis” of sorts and talks the child out of ruining her life with revenge. After all, Baiken was on a similar path and would be at the deep dark end were it not for Anji and company. This all leads to the climax and situation you see at the start of the Another Story segment.

Without saying much, let’s just say that Baiken fans are happy to see their tomboy samurai get a lot of character development from a seemingly short segment, and that she doesn’t need to walk her own path alone. Check out the full story in Japanese and English dub below.


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