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Softstar Technology-made action RPG Sword and Fairy 7, which came out on PC (Steam) last year on 21 October, is making its PlayStation debut later in 2022.

The upcoming action RPG, now called Sword and Fairy: Together Forever (most likely to create less confusion overseas), will be out for PS5 and PS4 for US$29.99 in Japan and Asia. The game will feature Mandarin voice-overs with English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese subtitle options. You can also get a physical version of the game via Game Source Entertainment; go check your favourite game store when it’s out later in 2022.

Here are the features of the game, as well as a gameplay trailer with all the goods.

  • A Variety of Game Systems and a Brand New Battle System – Other than its previous episodes, this time, real-time fight is adopted, players can enter the battle anytime, plus the character you control can be switched anytime as you wish.
  • Multi-Skills Make the Battle Smoother than Ever – Skills can be equipped in for each character, they can be used anytime during the battle, making combats more diverse and smoother.
  • Pet Your Spirits – Those little cute spirits can be available as the story goes deeper, they will assist you for better exploration along the journey, don’t forget to feed them.
  • Mini-Games – A card game can be a better choice for you after the intense battle.

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