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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands New DLC Glutton’s Gamble Is Out Now; Features Updates & Class Nerfs

The next Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands DLC, dubbed Glutton’s Gamble, is out now. If you have your Season 1 Pass at the ready, you can play it right now.

The DLC features a Sand Witch named Imelda, who gets more powerful each week. And with each new form comes new loot she drops. Also, the enemies you fight are food-themed so you may want to eat first before delving in, lest you get the munchies halfway while looting and shooting.

The DLC also comes with the following updates, ranging from special Vending Machines at the end of a Chaos Chamber run to weapon buffs & class changes. That last one’s pretty important as players will need to reconfigure their gear and skill tree specs once this drops.


  • Added special Vending Machines to the Loot Room at the end of the Chaos Chamber; each machine has a Legendary of the week for sale that will change every Thursday by 9:00 AM PT.
  • Mission reward gear is now more likely to show up in standard vending machines.
  • Throwable Hole can now drop with enchantments and can be enchanted at the Re-Roller.
  • Many Mission rewards can now drop as enchanted and can be enchanted at the Re-Roller.
  • The Mushroom Healer has completed their mushroom trials and has been found worthy of a name: Mike, which is an okay name for a mushroom.

Class Changes & Adjustments

  • Brr-Zerkers would not stay enraged when multi-classed into Graveborn and using the “Reaper of Bones” action skill
  • Spore Warden‘s Mushroom pet would not clean up after itself after using its mushroom spore attack for all players
  • Clawbringer‘s Storm Smite would not properly switch between Fire and Shock damage. The splats on Storm Smite have been corrected to also match their expected visuals and damage type.
  • Graveborn‘s Faithful Thralls skill’s bonus’ could occasionally stack indefinitely
  • Stabbomancer‘s “Follow Up” stacks would trigger unintentionally with the chain lightning effect on the Dahlia SM Live Wire

Enchantments – Spore Warden:

  • Adjusted a Spore Warden Enchantment from receiving a chance for an explosion on Gun and Ability damage to having the chance only with Gun Damage. We found that the bonuses had unintended damage scaling when combined with other abilities.


Blast Chill and Blast Gasp (for Graveborn) could overlap and scale damage out of the anticipated range in the end game when combined with other damage scaling. The changes below here are focused on making Melee Attacks a bit more powerful during the mid-game and in Chaos Chamber.

  • Blast Chill has been adjusted to award a chance to release a Nova on Melee Attacks, instead of on all Melee Damage sources.
  • Savagery has been increased to doing 6% per point of Melee Damage
  • Damage received from attacks when close to enemies while using The Old Ways had been reduced to 40%
  • Iron Squall Melee Attack speed has been increased to 4% per point in the skill

Spore Warden:

  • Wrath of Nature has been adjusted to do 10% increased damage per point in the skill
  • Increased Affinity’s Ability Damage to award 9% per point to give additional power in the early game
  • Increased Bullseye’s Critical Hit Chance to 12% per point


  • Changed Cleaning Flame Action skill to do Fire Melee Damage instead of just Melee Damage
  • Increased Awe’s Critical Hit Chance to 13% per point
  • Increased Awe’s Critical Hit Damage to 7% per point
  • Increased Dedication Action Skill Cooldown Rate with Max Ward to 6%
  • Increased Dragon Aura Elemental Damage to 5% per point
  • Increased Rebuke Damage Reduction to 4% per point
  • Increased Oath of Thunder Bonus Melee Damage to 6% per point
  • Increased Fire Bolt Gun Damage to 10% per point
  • Increased Storm Breath Damage Reduction to 15% per point


  • Adjusted Blast Gasp Ability Damage to 7% per point to compensate for additional bug fixes to the skill
  • Increased Harvest Bonus Dark Magic to 5% per point. This brings the bonus Magic Damage up to 30% total at max stacks.
  • Increased Stain of the Soul to deal 5% bonus Dark Magic Damage per point


  • Increased Ethereal Blade Melee Damage to do 150% of your Melee Weapon
  • Increased Ghost Blade Weapon Damage to 85%


  • Adjusted Double Knot to do 4% bonus Gun Damage on Spell Critical Hits

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