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Future Of Play Direct 2022: All The Games

Future of Play Direct 2022 returns for Summer Game Fest and is here to help fill that E3 void.

Check out all the game reveals and announcements below:

Boyfriend Dungeon

Roguelite weapon-dating simulator Boyfriend Dungeon is getting DLC this summer. The Secret Weapons update adds a new dungeon and three new characters, one of which is designed by Ikumi Nakamura (who’s previously worked on Ghostwire: Tokyo and The Evil Within).

Breeze In The Clouds

Button City

Fennel is a shy little fox who just moved into town. After discovering the local arcade, he makes new friends and gets swept up in a whirlwind adventure to save it from being shut down at the paws of greedy fat cat Peppermint Pepperbottom!

Button City is a colorful low poly narrative adventure game about friendship and community. Enter a pastel diorama world inspired by 90’s nostalgia and filled with cute characters to befriend. Complete quirky quests around town, play arcade games, collect fun costumes, solve puzzles and more as you follow a story about growing up and saving the things that are important to you.

Cook Serve Forever

A spiritual sequel to 2013 hit Cook, Serve, Delicious, players must cook their way through a bustling solarpunk city as they work their way from a food cart chef to the culinary queen. It arrives on PC in early 2023.

Creature Keeper

Creature Keeper is a top-down, pixel art, monster farming RPG that lets players explore a bright and colourful world. This new trailer focuses on the weird and wonderful beasties that players can collect and battle with.

Hardspace Shipbreaker

Cut and carve your way through space as you dismantle spaceships to recover valuable materials in Hardspace: Shipbreaker. It’s available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Hill Agency PURITYdecay

Detective mystery game Hill Agency: PURITYdecay sees players take on the role of a tough as nails P.I. Explore the world, interrogate suspects, and sift through evidence in this noir-style RPG.

Infinite Guitars

Infinite Guitars is a rhythm RPG where a kickin’ guitar solo is your best weapon. A new teaser trailer released during the Future of Play Direct revealed new art for the game.

Kitori Academy

Kitori Academy is a life simulator where you live the adventures of a wizard apprentice with your spirit companion. Train your magical skills and learn how to brew potions, grow vegetables and catch spells to challenge the curse that lurks in the world.

Lost Twins 2

This cute puzzle game arrives on PC sometime this year, combining a heartfelt story with Studio Ghibli inspired graphics. Players follow Abi and Ben as they move across platforms, swap tiles to create paths, and all sorts else on their journey back home.

Love Shore

Visual novel Love Shore is coming to Steam and Xbox on October 21. Players explore a cyberpunk metropolis as they meet and mingle with robots, fods, and humans alike.

Mossfield Origins

This super relaxed, small, and cozy city builder lets players take things slow and build the best self sustaining community they can. It’s coming to PC this fall.


OU is an abstract story about Ou, a young boy who wakes up in a mysterious world. Follow him and his friend Zarry, an opossum with a flaming tail, when it arrives on PC and Nintendo Switch this year.

Pen Pal Princess

Check it out:


Rocket Adrift Games, creator of Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance, have announced Psychroma, a narrative-driven side-scroller where you play as a digital medium. The trailer shows off a cybernetic house that players must explore as they uncover a plethora of spooks and secrets.


Fans of trains and puzzles can enjoy Railbound this September. Golf Peaks and Inbento developer Afterburn showed off new gameplay and finally unveiled the release window for its track-connecting game that includes more than 100 puzzles for players to solve.


Soundfall combines dungeon crawling, looter-shooter action, and rhythm-based gameplay. Available now on PC. players can join up to four friends both locally and online in this genre-bending adventure.

Spells & Secrets

Spells & Secrets is a rogue-like inspired action adventure, playable in local co-op. Customise your own wizard, solve mysteries, and find powerful artifacts in this modern magical world.


Folklore Games’ Spiral, a third-person narrative drive exploration game, is officially coming to Xbox. Players follow a man named Bernard as he explores his family home, reliving the past from childhood to his current, ageing state.

Spirit Swap Lo-Fi Beats To Match-3 To

An action-puzzle game with a mixture of match-3 gameplay and story, focused on lovable, queer characters. A new demo is out now on Steam with updated art, music, and story moments. It’s headed to PC in 2023.

The Cartomancy Anthology

The Cartomancy Anthology has players take a virtual tarot reading with a different game given depending on the reading. It will be released for Steam and itch.io on August 9.

The Wandering Village

Developer Stray Fawn Studios has revealed new gameplay The Wandering Village’s scavenging mechanics. Players must collect items to build their village on the back of a giant, wandering turtle-type creature called Onbu while defending themselves from an ever-threatening toxin.

tHE rEST oF tHE Games

Other games include Unpacking, ValiDate Struggling Singles In Your Area, The Pale Beyond, Skabma Snowfall, Rocket Rumble, Onde, Midnight Girl, Malice And Greed, Calico, Circuit Superstars, Dorfromantik, Loddlenaut, and Kabaret.

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