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OlliOlli World’s First DLC Is So Out Of This World

If you want to make a skateboarding game featuring Pendleton Ward-style characters more awesome than it already is, just add space. That’s what Roll7 did with OlliOlli World’s new DLC Void Riders.

Even before the Void Riders DLC came into the picture, we really enjoyed OlliOlli World and its pretty simple-to-play-but-hard-to-master 2D skateboarding gameplay as it offered a new type of arcade-style extreme sports gameplay that hasn’t been seen since the Tony Hawk remasters. Yes, you will fail tons of time as you try to complete a course while amassing as many style points from your skateboarding as possible, but at least it all looks lovely and saccharine.

The DLC brings in more aliens with tractor beams, which is now the game’s new additional mechanic to the already-colourful skateboarding that’s on tap. The tractor beams make the new levels even more vertical-focused than ever; you’ll have to use the momentum from the tractor beams to gain more air (or lose it depending on the situation) to either hit the next platform or ramp, or just avoid more tricky obstacles. There’s a huge emphasis on the “tricky”, because this DLC is meant for players who already went through most of the base skateboarding game. Yes, I confessed that I had to look up how to do certain older tricks again because I was in awe at the new stages and the tractor beam mechanic.

The new tractor beams add a lot more topsy-turvy mayhem to the already-insane tricks on tap, and it’s smooth to use and control, so it doesn’t interrupt the established status quo of controls and tricks in the game. Some stages can ping you up very high through the beams, while some stages have tractor beams in-between ramps, allowing for crazy air you can exploit. You’ll definitely have to get used to the new stages and the new flicking-the-thumbstick tricks but that’s on you, as usual. OlliOlli World’s controls are still flawless, and this new DLC just adds in a new obstacle and trick without disrupting that, allowing you to get into a flowstate of tricks, jumps, spinning, and air while you use the tractor beams to your advantage.

Long story short, I get that same rush and exhilaration from the base game all coming back to me from this humble-sized DLC. If you need further proof as to why you need more OlliOlli World in your life, this space case of an addition is enough of a closing statement.

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