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The Lost Wild Is A Dino Survival Horror Game Coming In 2024

Annapurna Interactive and Great Ape Games have announced The Lost Wild, a first-person survival horror game featuring dinosaurs. It is slated to launch for PC via Steam sometime in 2024.

The Lost Wild is an immersive and cinematic dinosaur game that captures the reverence and terror of nature’s most magnificent beasts. Come face-to-face with dinosaurs that behave like wild animals, not monsters.

Players will explore a prehistoric wilderness where you’re squarely in the centre of the food chain. Keep your head down, stay alert, and evade. If all else fails, run or try to intimidate using non-lethal weaponry, resulting in intense cat and mouse-style gameplay. Players will also discover abandoned facilities nestled in a lush wilderness teeming with prehistoric life. Scavenge and acquire useful items to improve your chances of survival, but become subject to ever-increasing dangers the deeper you explore. Unravel the mystery at the heart of the island.

Hold your ground and don’t let them sense your fear. Temporarily scare off deadly predators using a combination of fire and non-lethal weaponry. Dinosaurs in The Lost Wild are curious and adaptive by nature but may retreat when startled or intimidated. Carefully observe their behaviour and you may just find a way to overcome them.

Check out the trailer below:

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