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Bounty Star Lets You Play As A Mecha Bounty Hunter

Annapurna Interactive and DINOGOD have announced the over-the-shoulder 3D action game Bounty Star The Morose Tale Of Graveyard Clem for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC (Steam). It will also be available via Xbox Game Pass. It is slated to launch in 2023.

Bounty Star is an over-the-shoulder 3D action game that marries mech combat and customization with farming and base building. The player takes on the role of a broken but powerful ex-soldier named Clem, a war veteran, talented fighter and expert mech pilot. Clem attempts to shed the guilt and shame of her past and become a legitimate force for good in the Red Expanse, a post-post-apocalyptic version of the American Southwest.

You pilot the Desert Raptor MKII, a Mech of extraordinary power. It is a highly-customizable battle vehicle that can be equipped with a variety of offensive systems: heavy, high-powered melee weapons, steam-powered hydraulic siege weapons, explosive firearms, and more. It can also be equipped with a variety of defensive systems; high-speed thrusters, boosters for dashing, and riot shields, among others.

In the game, Clem comes into an isolated and run-down garage that serves as a suitable base of operations and home. Players can build out water and power supply lines, grow and cook food, produce ammunition and fuel for combat, and raise animals.

Check out the trailer below:

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