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Tier VIII Ships Sail Into World of Warships: Legends On 25 July

World of Warships fans can look forward to 25 July when World of Warships: Legends receive 14 new powerful Tier VIII ships. Unfortunately, no carriers this time around, but they still look pretty nifty!

Tier VIII comes into shore

Tier VIII joins World of Warships: Legends as the new highest tier of ships before Legendary ships. With this new tier come 14 ships, 12 of which are available in the tech tree. Representing four different nations, the USA, Japan, Germany, and USSR, these 12 ships will cover every variety but carriers — highlights include American battleship Maine, German cruiser Roon, and Japanese destroyer Yugumo.

Players will also have the chance to acquire the first-Tier VIII ship available as a campaign reward, with the impressive French battleship Republique available at the end of the five-week L’Ambassadeur campaign. To round off these new additions to the game, the economy sees a reduced cost for battle entry for higher tier ships, and increased credit bonuses awarded for Tier VII premiums.

Making Their Match

With all that these new ships have to offer, Tier VII brings along with it an improvement to matchmaking during this update, as a +/- 1 Tier rule comes into place, giving ships of this new tier the opportunity to battle for naval dominance against certain Tier VII and Legendary ships.

It should also be noted that since not many players will be able to jump aboard Tier VIII ships on release, matchmaking will temporarily allow Tier VII, VIII, and Legendary ships to be matched in the same battle. Of course, this change will be reverted once more players obtain Tier VIII ships.

More To Ship

Tier VIII will continue to make a splash, with more ships entering Legends’ waters as the year progresses. These ships will also become available through wider channels of distribution, available through the tech tree, as a reward for campaigns, in auctions as well as eventually arriving in the Bureau and Store.

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