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Hogwarts Legacy All Spells List: The Best Spells To Use In Combat

In the new action-adventure title Hogwarts Legacy, you can cast a bunch of awesome spells as a fifth-year student. Just enough to make you a combat-ready wizard/witch.

But which spell is the best in the game? Which ones will you be using the most? This guide is sure to answer all those questions.

Disclaimer: all inputs will be using the Xbox controller. 

Allocating Your Spells

You can map 4 spells in the four spell slots provided. You will have to switch between them a lot as you have 23 (out of 31 spells) to use and map out. To allocate them while in-game, just press the right d-pad, then pick a spell. Then hold Right Trigger and press any of the face buttons (X,Y,A,B) to map the spell to a button of your choice.

How To Learn New Spells

Easy: just go through the main story missions, attend classes, and complete assignments. You will need to complete assignments to earn spells from specific teachers if you wish to progress through the main story anyway.

Full Spells List


 Spell Name  Spell Effect  How To Learn  Requirements
Basic spell Fires a bolt of magic for a small amount of damage. Taught by Professor Fig during the tutorial.
Protego Your block button. Grants a temporary shield to deflect yellow attacks. Already learned.
Stupefy Stuns opponent after you block with Protego. Already learned.
Lumos Lights up the surrounding area. Taught by Professor Fig during the tutorial.
Revelio Reveals nearby objects Taught by Professor Fig during the tutorial.
Accio Pull items or enemies towards you. Force pull, essentially. Taught by Professor Rowen in the first Charms class. Beat the tutorial.
Levioso Levitates objects and enemies. Taught by Professor Hecat in the first Defence Against The Dark Arts class. Beat the tutorial.
Repairo Repairs destroyed objects. Professor Rowen’s assignment, right after you finish your first two classes. Collect the flying pages near the broken statue and in the Defence Against the Dark Arts tower. They’re all nearby the area Professor Rowen is in.
Ancient Magic Deals massive damage to enemies or neutralizes them. Uses one Ancient Magic bar. Level 1 Super, basically. Automatically during Troll attack in Hogsmeade
Ancient Magic Throw Throws nearby object at enemy. You need to aim. Automatically during Troll attack in Hogsmeade
Incendio Sets fire to items or enemies. Can only be used up close.
Disillusionment Blend into surroundings, making it harder for enemies to see you. Sebastian Sallow during the Restricted Section story quest.
Petrificus Totalus
Expelliarmus Disarms enemies. Also damages them. Very handy against wand and weapon enemies. Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2. -Successfully avoid enemy attacks by dodge rolling 10 times.
-Cast Incendio on 5 enemies.
Depulso Repel objects and enemies with significant force. Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1. -Acquire and use a Focus potion.
-Acquire Maxima and Edurus potions, then use them simultaneously.
Confringo Launches a fireball at an enemy. From Sebastian Sallow during the In The Shadow of the Undercroft story quest.
Diffindo Slashes objects and enemies for big damage. Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2. -Acquire and use an Invisibility potion.
-Acquire and use a Thunderbrew potion against enemies.
Wingardium Levisosa Levitates and controls an object in the air. Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1 -Acquire and use a Venomous Tentacula.
-Acquire and use a Mandrake on multiple enemies simultaneously.
Glacius Freezes an enemy on the spot. Madam Kogawa’s Assignment 1 -Pop 5 balloons over Hogsmeade Station.
-Pop 5 balloons around the Quidditch pitch.
Alohomora Unlocks locked doors and chests in Hogwarts Legacy. From Gladwin Moon during the Caretaker’s Lunar Lament story quest. Spell level can be upgraded by finding Demiguise Statues and handing over the moons to Gladwin Moon.
Descendo Slams enemies into the ground with force. Professor Onai’s Assignment 1. -Collect a Troll Boey.
-Cast Depulso on a levitated enemy.
Flippendo Flips objects and enemies upwards and backwards. Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2 -Grow and harvest a Fluxseed.
-Acquire all three combat plants and use them simultaneously.
Transformation Transforms objects and enemies into other objects. Professor Weasley’s assignments (after the Fire and Vice main quest) -Collect the field page guide in the Underground Harbour.
-Collect the field page guide from the Book on Intermediate Transfiguration.
Bombarda Deals heavy damage to a target on impact; causes an explosion to destroy heavy objects and damage nearby foes. Professor Howin’s assignment -Acquire a giant purple toad with the Nab-Sack.
-Acquire a Diricawl with the Nab-Sack.
Avada Kedavra Kills enemies instantly. From Sebastian Sallow during a side mission In The Shadow of the Relic.
Crucio Causes damage over time to an enemy. From Sebastian Sallow during a side mission In The Shadow of the Relic.
Imperio Temporarily causes an opponent to become an ally. From Sebastian Sallow during a side mission In The Shadow of the Relic.


Best Hogwarts Legacy Spells For Combat

All spells in Hogwarts Legacy are good, but some of them get better Talent Point upgrades than others. These include the following:

Accio – When upgraded, you can drag multiple opponents to you at the same time. It’s also good to have a spell that drags enemies to you and are automatically stunned.

Descendo -When enemies are in the air, you can use this spell to slam them to the ground for massive damage. Use this in tandem with Accio. Also great against flying enemies who are usually fast and annoying.

Expelliarmus – Best against wizards/witches with wands and goblins with weapons; you’ll fight a lot of these enemies through the course of the main quest.

Confringo – When upgraded, this useful fireball spell will become a multi-fireball spell when it hits with the initial fireball, which then homes onto enemies.

What About Avada Kedavra?

Avada Kedavra is a popular spell in the Harry Potter universe, but obviously, it needs to be balanced out in a game like Hogwarts Legacy. The infamous spell can kill lower-level enemies instantly, but it has a massive cooldown time. Potions in Hogwarts Legacy can reduce these quickly.

For more Hogwarts Legacy news and guides, head here. 


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