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Hogwarts Legacy: The Best Brooms & Upgrades To Use

Hogwarts Legacy will have your newly-created Wizard/Witch explore Hogwarts, learn spells, and fly on a broom. That’s a pretty awesome skill to have especially if you plan on exploring what the Wizarding World has to offer.

Keep in mind that getting the broom will take quite a while deep in the story before the feature is unlocked. You have to wait until Albie Weekes of the Spintwitches Sporting Needs shop returns, as well as finish the Brooms Class with Madam Kogawa. This lesson takes place after the first Ancient Magic trial.

Here’s the list of brooms you should watch out for once you gain access to them.

  • Ember Dash: looks a bit like a rifle and has a flaming end. It does not go any faster.
  • Hogwarts House (recommended): a standard broom with a sash of your house colour.
  • Moon Trimmer : a pointed broom with pouches. This does not increase item slots.
  • Wind Wisp: a decorated broom with a saddle. This doesn’t make it more stable or comfortable.
  • Yew Weaver: a broom made from Yew with a sleek design. It’s no more reliable than any other broom.

Keep in mind that brooms are expensive (they cost 600 gold), so you need to do what every open-world character does in a game like this: sell loot, gather coins, and open all the chests you can access with your current skillset.

Broom Upgrades

Once you buy your first broom, Albie will have ideas on enchanting the broom you bought. You need to complete side quests to unlock the ability to upgrade them. Here are the list of upgrades

Broom Upgrade I (1,000 galleons): Increases broom’s acceleration and speed. Complete “Flight Test” side quest to unlock.
Broom Upgrade II: Further increases the broom’s acceleration and speed. Complete “Sweeping the Competition” to unlock.

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