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Genshin Impact 4.8 Update Takes A Break With Summertide Scales & Tales This Month

If there’s one thing to count on in HoYoverse’s big moneymaker RPG Genshin Impact, is that it’ll bring up another beach episode after a major story arc has unravelled.

As a way to take a break from all the heavy story stuff, Genshin Impact’s upcoming 4.8 update will feature a holiday-like Summertide Scales and Tales questline, slated for 17 July on PC, mobile phones, and PlayStation consoles. The new update features a new area called Simulanka as well as new looks for Kirara and Nilou.

The update will also add in a new 5-star Dendro polearm user named Emilie. She has unique abilities that allow her to deal more damage to Burning enemies. Her combat mechanics revolve around the “Lumidouce Case,” which intermittently inflicts Dendro DMG. If enemies are affected by the Burning effect, the Case can be upgraded and deal greater damage based on her attack. It also benefits from a greater attack range and faster attack speed.

Check out the video and updates list below:

1. New Map Simulanka

  • Map Introduction – Limited-time, magical, different unique themes!
    World Inside a Magical Book – we introduce another limited-time wonderland “Simulanka”, a world inside a magical storybook, featuring regions of unique themes.
  • Forest of Blessings – The first stop, made of paper. However, some are in big trouble as their colors are fading. You can work with the local origami animals such as paper frogs and flying squirrels, understand their behaviors and moving patterns, and accomplish the area-specific challenges.
  • Constellation Metropole – Connecting by the Maritime Express, you can reach the next location in the northwest where clockwork mechanics and figures exist everywhere and become the key to proceed.
    More areas, puzzles, tales, and surprises await!
    Seasonal Events
  • Three mini-games:
  • “Northern Winds Gliding Challenge” – Take good shots at the balloons while soaring in the sky. These challenges can be found at different locations around Simulanka, giving an unbelievable bird-eye view overlooking the diverse landscape at the same time.
  • “Flying Hatter’s Trick” – Players can borrow the power of a marvellous flying hat to play claw-machine-like games and catch as many moving toy figures as they can.
  • “Metropole Trials” – Combat challenges that require two teams of character.
    One new collection game:
  • “Figurine Fabrication” – Winning the three mini-games above can accumulate Starsail Coins, which can be used in the fourth mini-game “Figurine Fabrication,” you can earn dozens of Figurines in different looks and poses, and display them on Good Shelf.
  • Rich Rewards
    • Free New Furniture – “Good Shelf,” a piece of unique furniture that can display figurines, after you walk through the main stories of this area.
    • Free 4-star Kirara – Kirara, free to recruit after you draw the figurines in “Figurine Fabrication” a certain number of times.
    • Free New Outfit for Kirara – A new burglar-themed outfit for Kirara, after you collect “Jubilant Feathers” and open “Fairytale Troves” to accumulate enough “Excerpts of Bliss” during open-world exploration.
    • Nilou’s new outfit at a discount to purchase.
    • More Primogems, Mora, and Materials to get.

2. New Character: Emilie

  • Emilie, 5-star, Dendro, Polearm, more damage to burning enemies: Besides perfume making, Emilie is also a professional in forensic cleaning, known for her low profile and exceptional skills in investigating crime scenes and uncovering the truth.
  • In her Story Quest, “Pomum de Ambra Chapter,” players will witness Emilie applying her dual expertise to unravel a series of mysteries related to the “Auguste” flower.
  • Elemental Skill: Emilie creates a “Lumidouce Case” that periodically deals Dendro damage to surrounding enemies. If the enemies are affected by Burning, the Lumidouce Case upgrades to Level 2, dealing higher damage based on Emilie’s ATK, with a larger attack range and faster attack speed.
  • Elemental Burst: Emilie fully upgrades the Lumidouce Case to Level 3, delivering Dendro attacks at a higher frequency. When her Elemental Burst ends, she can recreate another Lumidouce Case at the same level it was before she cast her Burst.

3. Version 4.8 Banner

  • 1st half – Navia (rerun) and Nilou (rerun)
  • 2nd half – Emilie (debut) and Yelan (rerun)

4. Character Trailing Effect: Echo

  • “Envisaged Echoes” Challenges – In the same room of Imaginarium Theater introduced in Version 4.7, we bring new challenges “Envisaged Echoes” that require special keys to start. Two keys will be given the first time you check out the “Envisaged Echoes,” and more can be earned by completing Act 6 of the Imaginarium Theater each season.
  • Trailing Effect – Echo: As a reward for the “Envisaged Echoes,” players can get a unique trailing effect for characters while running, named “Echo.” In Version 4.8, you can obtain the Echo for Diluc, Qiqi, Kirara, Jean, and Ningguang.

But Wait, There’s More!

HoYoverse also gave us a sneak peek at the new heroes from the Natlan region (ie: the one with the Pyro demigod).

Genshin Impact 4.8 Update Redemption Codes

What would a Genshin Impact livestream be without redemption codes? Here they are, filled with Primogems & currencies:

  • 5TJWHDHX7R59


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