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The Sketch ‘Controversy’: A Timeline Of What Exactly Happened

This article is purely for journalistic purposes and touches upon adult content, self-harm, and suicide.

Kylie Cox, better known as “Sketch” or “thesketchreal” has recently become the centre of a major online controversy after rumours about his past emerged on social media. Several notable streamers and content creators have weighed in, with many expressing support for the sports game-playing streamer (mostly EA’s Madden series) who has gained mainstream attention from ESPN and the NFL (National Football League) over the past few years. But what exactly happened? Here’s a detailed timeline of events that led to this viral sensation.


Sketch’s OnlyFans Controversy: Timeline of Events

7 July 2024: The Rumours Surface

The controversy began on 7 July, when YouTuber Pocketbook released a 17-minute video titled “The Real Sketch: The Untold Story of Jamie Mar.” In the video, Pocketbook claimed to have uncovered Sketch’s past as an LGBTQ+ adult content creator. Pocketbook stated:

“I discovered that before Sketch, Kylie Cox led a life as an LGBTQ+ adult content creator, known as Jamie Mar HTXXX, as well as several other monikers related to it. This is a serious claim with significant implications for his future.”

Pocketbook provided evidence suggesting that “Jamie Mar” and Sketch were the same person, highlighting physical similarities and noting that both lived in Houston, Texas.

The video quickly went viral after snippets were shared on X (formerly Twitter), with X user @FearedBuck’s post receiving over 20.2 million impressions. The post reads:

“Sketch is allegedly being accused of being a Gay OnlyFans creator before his fame.”


8 July 2024: Sketch Addresses the Rumours

On July 8, 2024, Sketch hosted a nine-minute Twitch stream to address the rumors. At the three-minute mark, he confirmed having sexual relations with a man two years ago, saying:

“That was me. That was me, it’s okay. Two years ago, I did some stuff. I am sorry if you have seen some of that stuff. You know, I am a changed person. So two years ago, I did not have sexual relations with that man! I’m just kidding. I did. Possibly. Cat’s out of the bag. It’s okay What else do I have to say?”

Sketch explained that he had been “cautiously avoiding” X, calling it a minefield:

“Sh*t hit the fan. Don’t go on Twitter. I deleted, I’m just kidding. I didn’t delete Twitter. I have been cautiously avoiding it. It’s, like, f**king landmines everywhere I go. Okay?”

He also opened up about his struggles with addiction, stating:

“I was dealing with some addiction problems. A couple of them. But, no excuse there. Just trying to give you some background here. What else was I going to say? But yeah, that was me. I f**ked up. I won’t do it again.”

The stream then shifts in tone as Sketch begins to get emotional stating:

“Plan A was to […] Probably to call it ‘quits’ if it ever came out. But some people saved me. Shout out Banks. Shout out my parents. Shout out y’all—like I know I f**ked up but… I’m changed… Yeah, that’s about it though.”

Sketch then ends the stream on a high note claiming, that he will return to streaming in a couple of days and that he’d rather everyone knew his flaws.

Amidst all of this, numerous popular internet personalities have expressed their support for him.


A good friend of his and popular streamer Jynxzi shed a few tears expressing his love for his friend.

FaZe Banks also played a vital role in making sure that Sketch was okay after the rumours broke stating:

“Sketch was my homie yesterday, he’s my homie today, he’ll be my homie tomorrow.”

A few other creators such as Tfue, Ludwig, and AMP’s Kai Cenat and Duke Dennis, also expressed their support for him while ridiculing those who have gone to the extent of bullying Sketch. But fortunately, since the livestream, the majority of the online community has rallied behind Sketch, demonstrating solidarity amid the controversy.

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