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Zenless Zone Zero: Best Protips To Keep Yourself Alive In New Eridu & The Hollow

Zenless Zone Zero, the new free-to-play action RPG title from HoYoverse (Honkai Star Rail, Genshin Impact), is out right now in 1.0 launch form. It’s a really fun action title with style and some substance, with a fun exploration mechanic and equally entertaining combat to boot. If you want a streamlined character action title with three characters to tag between, ZZZ will have you sorted.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep you invested in New Eridu & the Hollow which you’ll be spending a lot of time in.


Get Diligent

This being an F2P game, you’ll need to do the daily and weekly essentials that come with the territory. These include logging in to get free rewards, playing through side missions and daily quests to tick off errands, and so forth.

Here’s a list of currencies you need to note in ZZZ:

Dennies: Main currency in-game; buy items with it in New Eridu.

Monochrome Film: Used to exchange for Polychromes or purchase items from the Bundle Shop.

Polychromes: Used to replenish Battery Charge, buy Master Tapes/Encrypted Master Tapes, and buy New Eridu City Fund levels (ie: the game’s battle pass system). You’ll have to get busy in New Eridu to get these.

Master Tape/Encrypted Master Tape: Your gacha currency to get new Agents.

Boopon: Your gacha currency for Bangboo assists, which you can equip to your chosen party of three Agents.

Battery Charge: Your energy meter. You use these up when you’re farming for characters, etc. If you run out of them, you have to either wait for it to recharge or use Polychromes.


Get Polychromes By Doing The Following Tasks

You’ll have to get busy with errands and chores to get these, so you can get Master Tapes for gachaing. Here’s how:

  • Errands: These are your daily tasks in ZZZ which will unlock during the main story. Complete them all for some Polychrome.
  • Primer: Complete these set one-off tasks in your Compendium to finish each trial and earn Polychrome.
  • Commissions: Regular quests. You’ll come across a number of these once your Inter-Knot level is up to par.
  • Achievements: You unlock a lot of these by simply playing the game, and each lets you claim a tiny bit of Polychrome.
  • Inter-Knot level rewards: Leveling this up sometimes let you claim Polychrome.
  • Godfinger Arcade: Completing challenges while playing games at the arcade on Sixth Street lets you earn some Polychrome.
  • Missing Mini Cargo Trucks: These are essentially chests you can locate in each of New Eridu’s areas.
  • Daily scratchcard: You can get a scratchcard each day from Howl’s newsstand for free, and while this is random, it can give you some Polychrome.
  • Officer Mewmew: This police mascot won’t appear until after you complete the first main story commission, but you can complete challenges for him in each neighbourhood to earn medals, each of which can be claimed for Polychrome.
  • Hollow Zero: This is ZZZ’s obligatory roguelite mode with various reward tracks. Completing Hollow Zero and raising your License Level will get you Polychrome, though you can also get it for each first-time clear.
  • Shiyu Defense: This special mode unlocks after you complete the Belobog commission and rewards Polychrome based on the rank you achieve at each stage.
  • Events: Each version of ZZZ will feature several events that reward Polychrome and besides your daily errands, these are your best bet for earning a lot of the currency regularly.


Cover All Elements For Your Team

When you gacha characters in ZZZ (it’s a free-to-play title) using whatever free currency you have from your dailies, etc., it’s best to have this one goal in mind: for each character you get, cover one element. Lots of stages in ZZZ have enemies weak to particular elements and effects. For example, in a stage with ethereals and bandits weak to Ether, you should have Nicole in your party. Billy Kid covers Physical while Anby covers Electric; whoever you gacha should cover Ice at the very least.


Equip W-Engines & Drive Discs

Getting your Agents buffed passively can mean a difference between life and death in the Hollow. You will need to get equipment called W-Engines and Drive Discs to equip onto your characters. For each character, there is 1 W-Engine slot and 6 Drive Disc slots; the latter are music-themed discs that either boost your character’s affinity and element, or add new passives. It’s usually good practice to at least equip two of the same kind of Drive Discs to get the 2-piece bonuses and buffs. If you’re very diligent, you can equip 4 for the full set bonus.


Get Used To Using The VR Centre A Lot

Throughout the course of the ZZZ storyline, you’ll eventually gain access to the HIA VR Center. This place lets you fight enemies (and use up Battery) so that you can get resources and materials, and also level up your Inter-Knot level (to access new missions and get further in the game). The VR Center battles have a cool system where you can determine what enemies and resources can drop by arranging and adding enemy cards in the system. Certain cards can reward you with certain drills and resources, so it’s up to you to determine what you want to farm, all in one handy-dandy spot.


Use These Redemption Codes

This being a F2P game launch and the game getting a ton of pre-registrations, it’s only fitting that HoYoverse gives out a bunch of freebies. Use the code in-game on the menu: ZZZFREE100. This one is valid until 11th July 11:59pm.

Here are a couple more:

  • ZZZ2024


Zenless Zone Zero All Mindscape Cinema Unlocks & Buffs

Mindscape Cinema are character-specific buffs you can apply to characters if you have multiple copies of them during the gacha portions. This system is similar to the Eidolon in Honkai Star Rail; if you get more copies of a character you own, you can use their “essence” to buff them up further and unlock a sweet artsy photo of them. Here’s a list of them in one handy video!

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