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After Panda Global's Official Statement About The Smash World Tour Cancellation., 80% Of Its Fighting Game Team Resigned: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // DNF Duel Teases New Spectre Character; Coming To Switch Next Year: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // New The Last Of Us HBO Series Trailer Uses That One A-Ha Song To Chilling Effect: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
The Best Video Game Halloween Seasonal Events Of 2022 So Far

In the spirit of Halloween, the kids are getting ready for trick-or-treating and the adults are busy prepping parties. Video games, on the other hand, have their own kind of party, and we're talking wild deadly lobbies to explore! Let's take a look at this year's events. 1. Minecraft/Minecraft Dungeons: Spookyfest Duration: 4 October - 9 November...

What You Need To Know About Apex Legends’ Newest Map Broken Moon

After a year and a half of development, Respawn Entertainment has revealed Apex Legends’ fifth battle royale map, Broken Moon, featuring a new zip rail system and some larger points of interest (POIs). Broken Moon will join existing battle royale maps Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, Olympus and Storm Point when Apex Legends Season 15 launches on...

Happy Diwali 2022: Celebrating Indian Characters in Games

The Festival of Lights has arrived and we want to wish a happy Diwali/Deepavali to all our Indian readers. To commemorate the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance, let's celebrate the various Indian characters and representations of Indian culture in video games. Lakshmi Bai and Devi Nayar - The Order 1886 ...

Apex Legends Mobile Season 3 Champions Goes Live Tomorrow

EA and Respawn Entertainment are pleased to announce that the Apex Legends Mobile Champions Event goes live at 8 am GMT+8 on 21 October 2022 on mobile devices. In addition to the arrival of Legend Ash, the Champion Event also includes a brand new ranked split, new events, a new Battle Pass, and updates to core systems. Mobile first Legend Fade also...

Apex Legends Season 15 Features November Release Date & New Trans Hero

Electronic Arts has announced the first details of Apex Legends' 15th Season ahead of its launch this November. The big update, dubbed Eclipse, will be out on 1st November and will introduce the game's first-ever trans woman Legend called Catalyst. Season 15 will also bring in a stellar new map "in Boreas' shadow, the newest home of the Apex Gam...

Apex Legends Might Be Getting A New Train

There was a train in Apex Legends. Soon, there might be a new train. A new leak via Reddit user shocker_103 has revealed what seems to be raised rails dotted around the newly leaked map, Divided Moon. The map has already been leaked since March 2022, which means that an official announcement might be coming anytime soon. Since the game's launch...

Apex Legends Hunted Update Now Live

Battle royale fans: Respawn's latest update for Apex Legends is now live and in charge. As mentioned before, the update adds a new legend Vantage who is specialized in long-ranged combat. If you love sniping, camping, and basically killing things from very far distances, Vantage is your woman thanks to her Spotter's Lens passive and Echo Relocat...

Meet Vantage, Apex Legends’ Newest Scout

No, we haven't been baited like we were with Forge and Revenant, Vantage is really coming to Apex Legends with the release of Season 14: Hunted on 9 August. Here's a little bit of info about her: Born to a wrongfully-convicted criminal who gave birth to her alone on the barren ice planet Págos, she learned from an early age one simple truth:...

Apex Legends Season 14 Will Breathe New Life Into Kings Canyon

Along with a new legend and the level cap increase, Season 14 will update Kings Canyon, refreshing Apex Legends players' interest in the iconic map. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE PIECE WE DID ON THE LEVEL CAP INCREASE The update will bring in a new point of interest (POI) dubbed Relic. A Large landmass located in what was formerly known as Skull Town ...

Apex Legends Season 14 Will Increase Level Cap

Having been long-requested, Respawn Entertainment is finally increasing the Apex Legends level cap with the release of Season 14 on 9 August. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE LATEST LEGEND COMING IN SEASON 14. Since the game's release in February 2019, the only level cap increase to date arrived in December of the same year. Finally, after almost two and...

Respawn Entertainment Leaked Their New Apex Legend

After accidentally leaking her, Respawn Entertainment announced their newest addition to the roster of characters in Apex Legends; Mara otherwise known as Vantage. CHECK OUT THE OFFICIAL TRAILER FOR VANTAGE Usually, leakers are the ones to be the first to release information about new additions to games prior to their release. This time around it...

Apex Legends Anime-Inspired Gaiden Event Starts Next Week

Now you can phase rush as your favourite anime character thanks to Apex Legends' Gaiden Event. What a time to be a weeb. With otaku culture becoming more mainstream over the past several years, Respawn Entertainment has decided to take advantage of this opportunity and introduce anime-inspired cosmetics in their Gaiden Event starting from 19 Jul...

Apex Fans Will Love Apex Legends Mobile Season 2

Apex Legends Mobile welcomes it's second season "Distortion" hot on the heels of their mid-season update dubbed Cold Snap. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWAlnaaoXgY While Cold Snap saw the introduction of fan-favourite Loba, Season 2: Distortion will mark the debut of the second mobile-first legend Rhapsody, a rhythm loving DJ with a cute b...

Apex Legends Mobile Racks Up US$5 Million In Its Launch Week

According to a VGC report, Apex Legends Mobile has accumulated US$4.8 million during its first week since it launched globally. Since the beta, Apex Legends Mobile (ALM) fans have been eager to get their hands on some of the cosmetics and other in-game rewards. But since it was only in beta, many didn't see the need to purchase anything as the d...

EA’s Apex Legends Has Made The Company More Than US$2 Billion Within 3 Years

All it takes is one best-selling and most-played game to keep a company afloat and relevant, as well as allow them to do whatever they want as long as its proverbial golden goose is kept safe. That's pretty much the role of Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legend for EA: a golden goose that has laid US$2 billion+ worth of metaphorical eggs. EA has a...

Apex Legends Season 13 Brings In Newcastle, New Storm Point Map Update, & Reworked Rank System

Respawn has released the latest patch notes for its hit multiplayer shooter Apex Legends, which is now in its 13th Season. Apex Legends Season 13, dubbed the Saviors patch, will be out on 10 May, later today, and will bring in new legend Newcastle, a major Storm Point map update, and a reworked Ranked system. Also, a new PvE minigame is introduc...

Apex Legends’ Latest Hero Newcastle Shows Off His Shield In New Trailer

In a new trailer, Apex Legends shows off its newest Legend, Newcastle, who comes with a shield as his weapon of choice. The cinematic trailer gives us a glimpse of Newcastle’s skills and some nice teamwork with other Legends. Newcastle was previously revealed to be Jackson, Bangalore’s brother, in an earlier Stories From The Outlands trailer...

Hail Mary Plays: Video Game Companies That Came Back From Failure With One Hit Title

With each passing year, the video game industry only seems to get bigger, cultivating an ever-growing audience that's ripe for the taking. But the world of video game development is a harsh place. And when new titles seem to launch every week, or even every day, it can be hard to sway the interest of the masses without the reputation, money, or res...

VTuber Rushia Is Terminated From Hololive For Leaking Private Info

VTuber Uruha Rushia, known for being the "boing boing" girl, recently had her contract with Hololive Production terminated for allegedly violating it and leaking private information. Hololive Production stated the following about the termination: Regarding ‘Uruha Rushia,’ it has been apparent for some time that she has been distrib...

Apex Legends Defiance Is Out Now; Features Mad Maggie & Refurbished Olympus

Apex Legends is expanding with its 12th Season, with a new character and modified map of old. In this 12th Season, Apex Legends: Defiance, players will get to use new character Mad Maggie, who has a ton of moves that make her rush up-close to opponents in combat easily. She runs faster when using a shotgun, and uses a Riot Drill that bores throu...

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