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Keanu Reeves Is Shadow In Sonic The Hedgehog 3: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // A New LEGO Tie Interceptor Screams Into Action On Star Wars Day 2024: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here // Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace Is Coming Back To Malaysian Cinemas On Star Wars Day: In an intense match, the Lone Wolves came out victorious. Read all about the big night here
Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown Review – Regal Offering

Platform(s): PC (version reviewed), Xbox Series, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch Genre: 2D Metroidvania title bearing the Prince of Persia name   A start of a new year means a slew of games suddenly being piled up in the first four months due to delayed game development and a worldwide pandemic screwing up everybody's schedules. It's a g...

Tevi Review: Raving Rabbit

Platform(s): PC (version reviewed), Nintendo Switch Genre: Metroidvania with Maple Story graphics & Devil May Cry action combo system 2023 already has its fair share of 2D Metroidvania/search action games: you get dumped on a giant map with interconnecting areas of various environments and settings, get powerups that help you traverse furth...

Yohane The Parhelion’s Metroidvania Shenanigans Reeks Of Fishy Familiarity

Platform(s): PC (version reviewed), Nintendo Switch Genre: 2D search action game featuring Love Live idols as fantasy world characters I'm not sure who thought making a 2D search action game on a fantasy anime spin-off of a J-pop idol schoolgirl anime series is a good idea, seeing as the idea is pretty niche from the get-go. And it's also focus...

Timespinners 2: Unwoven Dream Is Yet Another New Metroidvania Title With Unique Old-School Pixel Art

Lunar Ray Games has announced a sequel to its 2018 indie title Timespinner. It's called Timespinner 2: Unwoven Dream and is slated for PC and consoles. No release date has been announced yet, but we have this spiffy trailer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFs4JRB-FC0 The game centers on retired warrior Auria from the first game. Her son g...

Gunbrella Is A Joyful Action Noir Title That’s Short & Sweet

Platform(s): PC (version reviewed), Nintendo Switch Genre: 2D Search Action Game With Unique Weapon Revenge plots in games are dime a dozen, but what if it's one involving a man looking for his wife's killer using nothing but his gun-slash-umbrella hybrid in a steampunk-laden oppressed world? Enter Gunbrella, a really twitch-savvy 2D action ...

Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Sold Over 2 Million Copies; Will Get New Modes This September

The spiritual successor to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night from ex-Konami search action/Metroidvania developer Koji Igarashi has finally reached a new milestone. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night's sales numbers have surpassed 2 million units worldwide as of August according to publisher 505 Games and developer ArtPlay. In addition, the game'...

Indie Metroidvania Pixel Game Gunbrella Blasts Its Way To September

Publisher Devolver Digital and developer Doinksoft (of Gato Roboto fame) will be releasing its upcoming pixel search action title Gunbrella soon. Gunbrella will be out on PC and Nintendo Switch this 13 September for US$14.99. If you pre-order the game, you'll get a free copy of the devs' previous game Gato Roboto. Check out the feature list a...

Ultros Is A Psychedelic Metroidvania Slated For Next Year

Need an acid trip? No, don't take drugs. Instead, just check out this gameplay clip from the upcoming search action title Ultros. Ultros is made by developer Hadoque and has nothing to do with the Final Fantasy 6 monster. Rather, the search action game puts you in a cosmic uterus called the Sarcophagus, finding out why you're stuck there in the ...

Blasphemous 2: How To Unlock Ending A

In Blasphemous 2, the new search action game that's out right now from The Game Kitchen, you are the Penitent One who has to deal with a giant child coming out of the sky and fight off a holy order. It also has two different endings, one of them requiring some obscure items to collect. Here's how to get them. Spoiler warning, naturally.  ...

Genre-Bending Metroidvania Worldless Will Be Out This October

Thunderful Publishing, Coatsink, and Noname Studios has announced the release date of its unique-looking search action game Worldless. Worldless will be out for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles on 4th October. "Set in an abstract, atmospheric world, Worldless is an adventure platformer that features a turn-based action comb...

Blasphemous 2 Is A Worthy Follow-Up To A Grotesque-Yet-Intriguing Search Action Title

Platform(s): PC (version played), PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Genre: Search action game filled with Southern Spain Catholic gothic imagery 2019's search action game Blasphemous garnered a lot of attention for its stark and gross imagery and gothic themes, filled with grotesque moments. Underneath it all is a solid game that...

Repent! Blasphemous 2 Gets August Release Date

Publisher Team 17 and developer The Game Kitchen will be releasing its search action game Blasphemous 2 in a few months. Blasphemous 2 will be out for PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on 24th August. "Joining a reawakened Penitent One in an unfamiliar and unforgiving land, Blasphemous 2 follows on f...

Never Grave: The Witch And The Curse Is An Upcoming Metroidvania From Palworld Makers

Pocket Pair, the developer behind the upcoming Pokemon-with-guns game Palworld, already has a new game in the works. It's an upcoming 2D search action Metroidvania title named Never Grave; The Witch and The Curse, and it features roguelite elements and a titular witch. The game also has a possession system that gives you more combat advantages a...

The Last Case Of Benedict Fox’s Setting Isn’t Enough To Hide Its Janky & Awkward Experience

Platform(s): PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One Genre: Search action game set in 1930s and features Cthulu-like vibes I do love a good murder mystery-type game mixed in with the supernatural stemming out of H.P. Lovecraft's scribe work. On the surface, The Last Case of Benedict Fox seems to do it for me with its mansion setting, the inner minds of the d...

Rusted Moss Will Have You Hooked On Swinging, But Not Without Work

Platforms: PC via Steam Genre: Metroidvania, Search Action, Grappling Hook, Action Platfomer Sometimes indie games have that one mechanic that distinguishes them from the rest. For Rusted Moss, besides featuring a side-scrolling Metroidvania search action twin-stick shooter experience with retro pixel graphics, its grappling hook is the mechani...

Hollow Knight: Silksong Is Delayed Past First Half Of 2023

After much waiting and after 6 years, we're finally getting news about Hollow Knight's sequel. Hope you like waiting a bit longer, though. Hollow Knight: Silksong is delayed beyond its previously planned "first half of 2023" release window according to developers Team Cherry. "We had planned to release [Hollow Knight: Silksong] the first half o...

Afterimage Endings Guide: How To Unlock All 10 Of Them

Afterimage is out right now on PC and consoles. It's one of 2023's possible sleeper hit titles as it came out of nowhere, has positive reviews so far, and has a lot of secrets and content jam-packed for its price tag. And if you're a fan of multiple endings and secret bosses, you're in luck! The newly-released search action/Metroidvania title fr...

Afterimage’s Nonsensical Plot Doesn’t Get In The Way Of Its In-Depth Search Action Bliss

Platform(s): PC, Xbox Series, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch Genre: Search action game made by Chinese fans of Hollow Knight Will indie developers decide when the 2D search action game will fade style-wise? After all, we have plenty of them in 2023 right now with no sign of them slowing down soon. At the very least, I don't mind the influx...

Metroidvania & Soulslike Combo Game Blasphemous 2 Slated For Summer

The Penitent One is back for another dark and gothic blood-soaked adventure. Blasphemous 2 was recently teased during a Nintendo Indie Direct April 2023 showcase, featuring developer The Game Kitchen. The title will be published by Team17 and will be out on Summer 2023 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Check out the short-but-sw...

Metroidvania Indie Rusted Moss Will Be Out This April

Physics-based grapple hook Metroidvania title Rusted Moss will be out for PC next month. Rusted Moss will be out on 12 April according to publisher Playism and developer trio faxdoc, happysquared, and sunnydazed. The game features tight and precise gunplay via twinstick shooting controls, a grappling hook to fool around with, and many bosses to ...

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