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Remember remember 18th and 19th of November!

We are proud to announce that will be one of the supporting partners for the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon Official Launch Event for Malaysia, happening on the weekend of November 18th and 19th 2017 at Lot 10 shopping complex, Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur.

pokemon launch

Organized by the good folks at The Magic Rain, the event is also supported by the official Nintendo distributor in the SEA region, Maxsoft Pte Ltd and the Pokemon Company. Celebrating the launch of last ever Pokemon game releasing on the legendary portable console, the Nintendo DS, the event will also include other Pokemon-related activities such as its TCG and esports element. There will also be a special exhibition set up, taking fans down memory lane chronicling the history of the franchise from its humble card beginnings, to the Gameboy generations which laid foundations to the juggernaut it is today. In case you are wondering – of course there will be official Pokemon merchandise on sale. Yes you read it right. Official merchandise.

So make sure to set your schedule free on the weekend of 18th and 19th of November 2017 and come and celebrate the launch of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon at Lot 10 shopping complex in Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur. Bring your DS device(s), let’s meet up and make this event a memorable one! Publisher. Coffee addict. Likes: Football, dogs, cats, Dislikes: Hanzo mains, one-tricks,
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