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He’s at it again.

Dallas Fuel’s French-Canadian Tank Main, Félix “xQc” Lengyel found himself at the wrong end (again) of the ban hammer yesterday after reportedly throwing his games while on competitive mode. The suspension this time around will be til next Monday as per his Tweets and claimed that he aims to circumvent the ban by playing on his alternate smurf account.

From what we gather on Reddit, xQc was found to be actively throwing his matches on competitive mode. While it wasn’t shown live via his own streams, his acts were caught by other streamers who were streaming at that time. One such example can be seen here, via Los Angeles Valiant’s Agilities‘ stream:

As if that wasn’t enough, xQc seems to be demanding an apology from London Spitfire’s DPS main, Dong-jun “Rascal” Kim for reporting him. Clips of Rascal reporting xQc in his stream has been making its rounds. Point to consider here was that Rascal was on his opposing team during the game.

In typical xQc fashion, Felix responded to the video above by saying that he would accept Rascal’s ‘apology’ will re-add him to his friends list if he stopped losing to “s**t-tier teams” – a thinly-veiled jab at London Spitfire’s shock loss to Boston Uprising at the Overwatch League pre-season match we’d presume. Salty? Of course. Immature? Yes indeed.

We now wait for the Overwatch League’s next move in relation to this; whether further action will be taken or will they just leave the situation to die down on its own. These OWL players are the competitive sort, and no doubt, are also target of online harassers which will cause anyone to tilt. However being a contestant in the highest level of competitive Overwatch requires xQc to act in a much more matured manner. These players have a professional standard expected of them – just like any pro athletes and if he is unable to adhere to it, then possibly it Dallas Fuel needs to rethink their recruitment strategy.  Not only is this repeated offense bring bad press to the inaugural season, but to the Fuel brand as a whole. We will update you if anything new crops up.

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