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Good news for you Destiny and action RPG shooter fans: EA’s version of that -called Anthem- has a tentatively new release period: early 2019. At least, according to some insiders familiar to the project. Anthem will also be the game that will determine Bioware’s fate under EA too.

According to an extensive Kotaku report, the stakes for Bioware are much higher than before compared to their previous efforts with Mass Effect: Andromeda and Dragon Age: Inquisition. Here’s a breakdown of the events that led to Bioware carrying all this insane pressure.

-Remember Mass Effect: Andromeda? That game didn’t do too well last year because it was a poor entry in a revered sci-fi series.

-Remember Star Wars Battlefront II and the loot box controversy? Yeah that didn’t paint EA in a good light either. Ditto Need For Speed Payback.

-Because of this, EA is putting most of its eggs into the Anthem basket. The game has a Fall 2018 release window, but said insiders mentioned that the window isn’t realistic at all.

Bioware is not only working full-time on Anthem for its early 2019 launch, it’s also working on keeping the Star Wars: Old Republic servers alive and  developing a new Dragon Age game that will be “live”. In their words, it means that the game will have a prevailing story after players have completed the main story.

The state of Bioware will be changed depending on whether Anthem does well or not. That’s probably code for “we’ll downsize you to the mobile gaming division if this doesn’t sell well”.

Bioware employees who remained anonymous said that the feeling in the office right now is both optimistic and anxious – optimistic that they can make something great and anxious at the number of forces that appear to be pushing against them.

-Major hurdles include: former Anthem director Casey Hudson and other key heads who have departed from EA years ago, the Frostbite engine and how hard it is though at this point in time the issue is less severe, and a vocal and toxic community to deal with.

-Regarding the latter hurdle, you guys did remember the Dragon Age: Inquisition SJW and Mass Effect Andromeda animator harrassment bullcrap from entitled Bioware/RPG fans, right? That sort of thing demoralizes game creators and developers, as well as make shareholders antsy.

Here’s hoping the Bioware guys can pull through, and also for EA to loosen up the pressure a bit and be understanding about it. But hey, you’re beholden to your shareholders, so that’s probably a bit too much to ask.

Check out the full report here.

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