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Another IP joins the battle royale hype train as developers, Hi-Rez Studios announced that their game, Paladins is adopting the battle royale mode and is calling it *drum roll*


How original.

The new game mode, Paladins: Battlegrounds will be free-to play and see 100 players battle it out in 20-minute matches set on – as all battle royale games go – a large map. From what we gather from the trailer, expect to see several mini-maps cobbled up together to form the full map, enabling different styles of approaches throughout. Once on the ground, players battle and scrounge over the loot scattered over “more than four dozen outposts” and sought for “zeppelins that drop legendary gear” as encroaching fog corrals them into ever-tighter skirmishes. The last team standing wins.

According to Hi-Rez, Paladins: Battlegrounds was “designed from the ground up to be played in teams,”. This new mode will retain the main game’s class-based team composition and (yay!) mounts will also be available.

Since release, Paladins was oft compared to Overwatch, and was even labeled as a clone to Blizzard’s highly popular hero shooter. They persevered and continued to grow but again, attracted unwanted attention recently when they introduced the highly unpopular Cards Unbound crafting system.

Battle royale-style games is the in-thing nowadays with the immensely popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds breaking records left and right with its unprecedented popularity. Base building survival game Fortnite was among the IPs first to jump into the battle royale hype train and other IPs have also followed suit including mods allowing similar modes on Grand Theft Auto Online as well as plans for similar modes on Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

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