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Nintendo surprised a number of us this early morning with a Nintendo Direct video. Only instead of a 30-minute tour de force, we got bite-sized announcements regarding ports and not-so-big exclusives.

Take a look to see what we mean:

In a nutshell:

-Nintendo Switch is getting ports of Dark Souls, YS VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, The World Ends With You: Final Mix, Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze, and Payday 2. That’s cool, if you missed out on these games back then.

Super Mario Odyssey is getting a DLC featuring Luigi and a balloon-hiding minigame. It’s free, so sure why not?

-Aegislash and Blastoise will be appearing in Pokkén Tournament DX as purchasable DLC, but not together. Aegislash and support Pokemon Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu will be out on Jan 31, while Blastoise and support Pokemon Mew and Celebi will be out on March 23.

-Nintendo also reminds us that there’s a new Kirby game coming out on March 16. 4 player platforming and enemy-sucking fun for all!

-Last but not least, we get two new games announced for the platform: Mario Tennis Ace and SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy. The former is a Mario-themed tennis game; nothing we haven’t seen before. There’s a Story mode this time around, but we’ll know more before its Spring release window.

The latter is a casual female cast-only fighting game from SNK, is 2v2 tag-team based, and is incredibly sparkly. There’s a heckaton of customizable options and gear for SNK female mainstays like Kula, Yuri Sakazaki, Athena Asamiya, and of course Mai Shiranui. As a fighting game guy myself, I’m curious to see if this is the second coming of SNK Gals Fighters.


Let us know what piqued your interest in this Nintendo Direct mini-showcase on this here website and Facebook/Twitter pages. Don’t forget the sparkles.

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