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E3 2018: Nintendo Assumes The Whole World Loves Smash Bros.

We’re at the last presentation of the week, but E3 2018 isn’t over yet since the show floors open in the LA Convention Centre right now as we’re typing this. So what’s up, Nintendo?

Getting Smashed

True story: we were contemplating on doing a video on the new Nintendo Direct video just like with PlayStation and Bethesda, but almost all of us aren’t familiar with Super Smash Bros. And this special E3 video was dominated by a lot of Smash Bros. talk.

That’s fine if you loved the Wii U Super Smash Bros. game and the GameCube Melee entry. You should be happy that the Nintendo Switch version of Super Smash Bros. has ALL the characters, has a lot of new stages, and even introduce a new character or two – Splatoon’s Inkling and Metroid’s Ridley, each with their own special quirks and moves. In fact, fans of Metal Gear’s Solid Snake should be filled with joy since he’s returning and is voiced by David Hayter.

You should be elated that the game will be available this year on 7 December. In fact, all the characters here have gone through some unique changes to make this version of Smash a slightly different game.

Unfortunately, Super Smash Bros. isn’t as big in Southeast Asia as it is in the US and Europe. So a huge number of us are going “yeah that’s cool…” instead of frothing in the mouth like some fanboy or fangirl who triggers when they keep referring to the elf pretty boy as Zelda.

But Wait!

All is not lost as the first half of the presentation was chock full of new titles and expansions for this year. At least the stuff we partially care about.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country is an expansion that takes place before the events of the game. You control some of the referenced heroes and villains when the country of Torna was still around. Yep, that means you get to use Jin and his previous owner Lora as regular party members, and also see Mithra use that giant ass mech in the sky manually. Scheduled for 14 Sept for US$29.99.

Daemon X Machina is from the same producer who did the Armored Core series. Which means this game has mecha-piloting action featuring explosions, Gundam nods, and a really vivid art style. Out 2019.

We’re getting a new Super Mario Party, which seems to highlight the best parts of using a Switch as a party game. In one instance, you can combine two Switch consoles to form an interconnecting stage for one tank-busting minigame. Out October 5.

We’re also getting a new Fire Emblem game next year. That’s always good: it’s now called Fire Emblem: Three Houses and features the same turn-based combat goodness you’ve expected.

Nintendo Indies

There will be two titles making their Switch debuts: Overcooked 2 and Killer Queen Black. If you liked the first Overcooked, this one features the ability to throw ingredients and kitchens that change mid-stage. It’ll be out 7 August.

Killer Queen Black is the home version of an arcade favourite. You fight for your hive in a 5v5 slew of matches involving flying, stinging, and honey-catching. It’s slated for an early 2019 release.

All In All…

Your opinion on this Nintendo Direct is dependant on whether you really love Super Smash Bros. or not. If you do, full marks here. If you’re like us however and wanted to see more goodies like the new Bayonetta or the new Metroid Prime, well, we’ll have to wait for the next Nintendo Direct later in the year then.

The stuff they’ve shown here wasn’t half-bad, but the other half was way too specific for its more Smash-centric audience.

Score: 5/10. On the fence.


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