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Hosting events is no walk in the park. You have tons of stuff to keep in mind the venue, the schedule, the audience, and much more. But the least remembered thing on the list is the legal grounds. For example, did you know an organiser was sued for using the Fortnite brand?

Previous tournaments include Apex Legends’ first-ever tournament hosted by T1 and FACEIT, and DrDisrespect’s Code Red tournament. Well, if you’re interested in hosting a local Apex Legends tournaments for your pals or the local computer club, do not worry as EA has laid out the ground rules for such tournaments.

To avoid legal matters EA has laid down a list of guidelines to avoid any violation of legal grounds.

Here’s an itemization of guidelines as stipulated by EA;

Not For Commercial Profits

You may not use Apex Legends to generate revenue except as expressly permitted by these guidelines. EA understands that the running and management of your tournament may require you to incur certain costs, but your monetisation plans should aim at covering such costs, not to generate a commercial profit.

Well, EA has said it, no pocketing the money, unless you want a lengthy chat with their lawyers.

No EA Trademarks or Affiliation

You may not use EA artwork, logos or trademarks (including game logo treatments, or the name Electronic Arts, EA or Respawn Entertainment) to promote your tournament or tournament website, and you may not otherwise suggest that your tournament or tournament website is endorsed or approved by or affiliated with EA in any way.

However, it is allowed to state that the tournament is run using a specific EA game title. And you must include a clear and conspicuous disclaimer along the lines of; “This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc..”

Compliance with our terms

You and your tournament, and any users of our games in connection with your tournament, must comply with the EA User Agreement (including its Rules of Conduct) and any applicable EA rules or end-user terms.

Hey, you’ve read the User Agreement when you registered your account, right?

Prohibited Sponsors

Your tournament may not be sponsored by companies that sell or promote any products or services related to the following:

(1)  Sexually explicit materials, or online dating;

(2)  Alcohol, tobacco or medical substances or devices;

(3)  Weapons or explosives;

(4)  Tattoos or body branding services;

(5)  Gambling, wagering or lottery (including fantasy sports sites);

(6)  Political ads or otherwise promoting a political agenda; or

(7)  Any product or service that is inconsistent with the assigned to Apex Legends age rating for the country in which the tournament is held (e.g. a toy targeting children in Germany where the game is rated 18+)

EA keeping it family friendly.


The total revenue generated from any streaming of your tournament, in the aggregate across any and all media and channels, may not exceed $10,000 USD (or its equivalent in local currency). You may not, and may not permit anyone, to broadcast your tournament on TV.

Again, no huge profits allowed from the accumulated streaming, and no TV is allowed to broadcast the game.


Prize pools must be fixed in advance of the expected tournament start date and may not depend on any participant’s or spectator’s actions or contributions. The total cash (or cash value) for your prize pool for all events in a calendar year may not exceed $10,000 USD (RM41,330).


You may charge a small entry fee of no more than $20 USD (RM82) for each participant. In any case, the entry fee must be solely to help offset the cost of organising your tournament.

EA is seen to accentuate that no profit-making is allowed here. Except when covering the cost of the event.


Any and all contributions from crowdfunding must go directly to the prize pool and/or the tournament’s participants. Any additional prizing is subject to the dollar limits above.

Hey, I’m happy EA released a guideline to host an Apex Legends tournament. I’m all for community events like this, and these guidelines have clear much of the grey area organisers commonly face.

If any potential organisers have a question regarding these guidelines and the topics they cover, including proposals for larger live event executions, EA has provided a convenient email for you to reach.

Full details can be found on the guidelines page here.

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