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Update: Death Stranding’s new gameplay trailer to debut 29 May. The story is updated to reflect this change.

It’s been quite a while since Hideo Kojima has released any new promotional material or reveal for his upcoming PS4 exclusive, Death Stranding. Despite being initially announced at E3 2016 over three years ago, we still know next to nothing about the mysterious game.

Earlier today, Kojima posted a new brief Death Stranding teaser trailer on Twitter. It features a handprint with the ominous-sounding words, “Create The Rope” displayed on it. The handprint might be obscuring what seems to be gameplay footage or cinematic from the game.

Feast your eyes on the enigma of a teaser below.

This brief teaser is a sign that a new proper trailer for Death Stranding will be out. Kojima Production’s latest tweet stated its release date: 29 May.

However, Sony won’t be present at this year’s event, which means that it’s unlikely that Kojima would reveal more of the game at the expo.

Still, nothing should stop Kojima from releasing a new Death Stranding trailer near E3 2019. The hype from the event would even help bolster excitement and anticipation, despite Sony’s absence.

In other related news, Kojima recently unveiled a black version of his company’s mascot and icon, Ludens. Check out the full story here.

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