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Travis Touchdown is back again, and this time not in top-down arcade action game form.

During Nintendo’s E3-themed Direct video, we get a glimpse of No More Heroes 3, a game where you kill a lot of assassins using your lightsaber beam katana and your wrestling moves. And you also recharge your weapon by doing a wanking motion. And you save your games by taking a break in the little boy’s room.

Guessing by the teaser, Travis Touchdown (still portrayed by original voice actor Robin Atkin Downes) can now don a Power Ranger-esque suit and shoot out Macross missiles through the power of god-knows-what. He’ll also be fighting aliens who may have graduated from the Rita Repulsa College of sentai goons. Also, Sylvia makes her return and will probably tempt our hero with sex to make him do whatever she asks.

All I can say is punk is definitely not dead. Neither is developer Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda51’s imagination, it seems. No More Heroes 3 will be slicing its way to your Nintendo Switches next year.


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