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That Suicide Squad movie a while ago at least did one thing right: it made non-comic book fans crave for more Harley Quinn, the insane former side-kick to the Joker who managed to break out on her own as an independent anti-hero type person. And now she’ll have her own R-rated cartoon series.

Some points to ponder:

  • Harley Quinn herself is voiced by Kaley Cuoco, who starred as Penny from the thankfully-finished-mockery-to-geekdom-on-television-by-spiteful-producers Big Bang Theory.
  • The animated show is shaping up to be an adult comedy; she breaks up with The Joker and strikes out on her own. She’ll be involved in a bunch of shenanigans like joining Poison Ivy’s crew, team up with Catwoman and Scarecrow, and even form friendships with unknowns like Dr. Psycho and Clayface while delivering knockout bats into Vandal Savage’s face.
  • Basically it’s DC’s Deadpool but animated and with a hot psycho clown former psychiatrist chick in tow. Fun!
  • Other VOs include Lake Bell as Poison Ivy, Alan Tudyk as Joker, Tony Hale as Dr. Psycho, and Wanda Sykes, Ron Funches, and Jason Alexander as yet-to-be-announced roles.

The show will be streamed soon on DC Universe; no release date has been announced yet. This kind of show seems fun enough on its own merit, we can’t think of any other way to cap off the news.

Oh wait, here’s one non-sequitur: f*** Big Bang Theory. We cannot stress that enough.


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