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A lot can happen to a Kickstarted game using a renowned legacy franchise and developer between 14th June, 2015, and now, especially when you have two new distribution platforms vying for exclusivity. That’s pretty much Shenmue 3‘s case, with PC gamers coming to grips with the fact that the game is now an Epic Games Store exclusive.

This definitely irked a lot of them accustomed to playing their Kickstarted games on Steam. But fear not: developer Ys Net and publisher Deep Silver have posted an update on its Kickstarter page to address the issue.

Here’s a breakdown of it all:

  • Backers who requested for Steam keys will get them….a year later. It won’t be given to backers at launch. “Coordination with the sales policies of the involved companies was untenable,” said Ys Net, “and as a result, we are not able to make a day one distribution option for Steam keys available.”
  • However, PC gamers will still be able to get the game on PC; they will instead be given an Epic Games Store key or a physical disc of the game with a key. If they rather change it to a PS4 version (physical or PSN code), they have the option to do so. It’s just that a Steam version is a no-go for now.
  • Ys Net will accept refunds. Details on this will be on the next development update.

This seems pretty fair, all things considered. You still get to play the game on the PC, after all; just on an Epic-branded game store and platform. Unless you don’t mind waiting for a year, PC gamers should just suck it up.


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