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Infamous Apex Legends data miner That1MiningGuy has dug more cool content from the game’s files and this time, it could be the big feature that EA was hinting at in their recent quarterly financial report.

Season 2 introduced dragon-like creatures called flyers who hover around the map carrying around death boxes. Shoot the flyers and they drop the death box they’re holding.

That1MiningGuy discovered in-game files for two new flyers who have yet to make an appearance in matches however one of them has already appeared in the Season 2 announcement trailer.

The first file is on a familiar blue flyer that we saw in the Battle Charge trailer. Near the end of the trailer, we see Wattson getting attacked by the creature. This is why fans are speculating that the blue flyer might be introducing a PVE element.

Blue Flyer.jpg

The second file shows a never before seen yellow flyer aptly named French Fry according to the game files. It’s the only flyer to have a name of its own, perhaps an indication that it’ll be more than just another death box carrier.

French Fry.jpg

For now, that’s all that the data miner has found and there’s still nothing confirmed or announced by Respawn Entertainment.

If it does turn out that PVE is coming for Apex Legends, it could be a serious boost to the game’s popularity since it’ll become a free-to-play AAA battle royale game with both PVE and PVP modes.

The pictures used in this article were taken from That1MiningGuy’s Twitter page.

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