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Sometimes I wonder if the Epic Games Store will ever improve itself and finally add vital features like a shopping cart and localised prices. Unfortunately for me and many other gamers out there, Epic doesn’t give a damn and just wants to get more games into its store.

In a new promotional video, the EGS is announcing the addition of 8 more games into its catalogue. This time, the focus is on a collection of titles that verge more on the unique and weird or quirky side of things. Take a look:


“It’s like Harvest Moon meets Pokemon meets Animal Crossing” is how the developers of Ooblets describe their game.

You’ll be managing your own farm where you grow and train creatures called ooblets. Venture out into the world and meet other ooblet trainers and engage in dance battles with them.

No Straight Roads

Developed by Malaysian game studio Metronomik, No Straight Roads is a music-themed action game that puts you in the shoes of rock musicians trying to fight against an evil EDM empire.

To find out more, check out our interview with the developers here.

no straight roads

The Eternal Cylinder

You control a herd of creatures called Trebhums and explore a strange alien world. As you go about your adventures, you will discover and gain dozens of mutations which unlocks skills like flying, swimming and more.


Also being released for the PS4, Wattam comes from the same people who brought us Katamari Damacy. So expect a lot of heartwarming moments and unpredictably random gameplay and story.

Airborne Kingdom

Basically, you have to build a flying city and keep it afloat (hehe).

Aside from gathering resources and satisfying the needs of your people, you also have to make sure your city can maintain its lift and balance.



Remember those crazy optical illusions that make small things seem big and big things seem small?

Superliminal is pretty much that but an entire video game. If you thought Portal was innovative, this is on a whole other level.

Manifold Garden

A while ago, there was a 2D puzzle game called Fez that incorporated a game mechanic where if you changed the camera perspective, it would change the level structure as well.

Manifold Garden brings that concept to a 3D space and it’s at least 5 times more headache-inducing.

The Alto Collection

Despite the video saying that this is the first time that The Alto Collection is coming to PC, the first game, Alto’s Adventure was already released on the Windows store in 2016.

The sequel, Alto’s Odyssey is definitely coming to PC for the first time. The games are basically endless runners but with snowboards.


It’s cool that the EGS is getting more games and supporting small/indie developers. I just hope that we’ll be getting localised MYR prices soon since No Straight Roads is coming to the store.

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