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Phoenix Wright Voice Actor Accused Of Being A Sexual Predator

The deluge of accusations of sexual harassment and assaults from iconic video games industry individuals just keep coming. The latest reveal comes from game designer and artist Alex (@dirtbagboyfren) who has previously spoken at events like GDC and MAGfest.

Alex has published a series of tweets telling people to stay away from Ben Judd, the man who used to voice Phoenix Wright and is currently working for Digital Development Management, the agency that helped crowdsource games like Mighty No. 9 and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

In the aforementioned tweets, Alex states Judd has allegedly exhibited extremely profane behaviour such as revealing his private parts in public, harassing young women, and also using offensive racial slurs.

According to Alex, hundreds of other people have also witnessed Judd performing these uncouth actions. If true, we might be seeing more people come forward to talk about what has happened.

As mentioned by Alex himself in the tweets, there’s no proof or evidence to prove that Judd is indeed guilty of committing these horrible acts. So don’t get too excited with your torches and pitchforks yet folks.

This all comes after a series of other public call outs that have been surfacing in the past few days.

Earlier this week, game designer Nathalie Lawhead accused and called out music composer Jeremy Soule (Skyrim, World of Warcraft) for raping her. Not too long after that, Zoë Quinn (Depression Quest) accused Night in the Woods creator Alec Holowka of the same crime.

No official investigations are currently being carried out for any of the above accusations but we hope that the truth comes to light and those who deserve punishment will be treated accordingly.

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  1. Louis

    August 31, 2019 at 2:33 pm

    Ben Judd has two more cases after he left Capcom. A Japanese woman and a foreigner person living in Osaka. I was surprised in the beginning, but once I knew the details…
    I’m back to Europe now, but I hope Ben’s victims rebuilt their lives.

  2. Seikai

    September 2, 2019 at 1:04 pm

    >Ben Judd has two more cases after he left Capcom.

    Ben has way MORE than two cases, after and previous to being fired from Capcom. Back in the time it was mostly while partying, and honestly, many of his co-workers are somehow responsible for having accepted that behavior. You know, they justified him for being drunk; things like that.

    But it cannot be justified. Personally, I’m ashamed I talked to him normally after watching some of his shows live… I quit from a tester position before he got fired. For me, it was not as much what he did, but how he did it. One could feel the violence and the nastiness on his face.

  3. No Name

    October 23, 2019 at 10:30 am

    This girl Alex used to date Ben and she just want to use his name for her fame. She is a fake feminist and drama queen. You can tell by her twitter. All of you are being sucked by this idiot bitch.

  4. No Name

    May 29, 2020 at 5:01 am

    This is so true. I was one of his victim too. I made a suicide attempt in the past because of the emotional and sexual abuse by Ben Judd. He think he hasn’t raped anyone physically so he should be not called as a sexual predator. Reading Alex’s accusation, it was exactly the same things happened to me. He had such a sick compulsive sexual behavior. He kept insisting me to sleep with other guys for his sexual excitement. He also importuned me to take photos of my mouth filled with someone’s cum and send him to prove my love. I am still traumatized from that experience in the past and makes me feel seriously sick. I wish I could delete the horrible memories from my brain.
    I just found out he seems he was hitting on few girls last year including myself at the same time despite he had a girlfriend living together. One of a victim confessed on twitter that she also attempted kill herself!! I was totally shocked when i found the tweet and I realized that I was not the only one who was driven to suicide because of this predator.
    I’m completely utterly shocked and feel like i was totally an idiot that I tried to forgive him about the disgusting past when he approached me last year. He was totally acting like a victim of this accusation, BS!
    What a sick psycho douche!! I’ll tell you what.. whoever covers Ben Judd, you’ve never in a relationship with this .so you have no clue how he treats women.

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