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Everyone who was into old-school games adored Shovel Knight. So it’s only fitting that developer Yacht Club Games and Nitrome (Bomb Chicken, Green Ninja) team up for a spin-off called Shovel Knight Dig.

But look: it’s not 8-bit anymore. There are a lot more colours this time around! And instead of a Mega Man level select & layout, you now put your shovel to good use and dig downwards to your level.

Think Dig Dug and Mr. Driller, but with Shovel Knight’s brand of humour and storytelling. Speaking of which, the plot is about Shovel Knight getting back his loot from the dastardly Drill Knight and his digging crew. It also comes equipped with the chiptune compositions of Jake Kaufman who did the first Shovel Knight’s OST and also a handful of WayForward games’ music.

The game is getting a PS4 release and may be out for other platforms. No release date has been set yet though.

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