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One of the great things about owning a game console is that it’s a great tool for bonding time with family and friends. For those of you trying to find more co-op or competitive games to play with family members, especially the younger ones, ReadySet Heroes might be what you’re looking for.

Developed by Robot Entertainment who brought us the hilariously gory Orcs Must Die games, ReadySet Heroes is a mash of the dungeon crawler and arena battle genres. You’ll be racing through dungeons and collecting loot but here’s the catch: an opposing team is racing through the same dungeon.

The word ‘racing’ is used intentionally here. Whoever gets to the end of the dungeon first will initiate a winner-takes-all arena brawl. The faster you go through your run of the dungeon, the more prepared you’ll be for the final brawl.

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Everyone begins with a wooden sword. By defeating monsters and looting, you’ll get better weapons, armour, and spells. Progression doesn’t take that long as the dungeons are designed around a “drop in, clear a dungeon, and drop out” concept.

Multiplayer can be played both online and locally. Couch multiplayer will support up to 4 players on split screen. You can even team up locally and play against others online.

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ReadySet Heroes will be released on 1 October for PC on the Epic Games Store and on 2 October 2019 for the PS4. The digital standard version is expected to be priced at RM79 on the Playstation Store.

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