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We’ve been covering the progress of Malaysia’s Overwatch Team who will be competing at the Overwatch World Cup (OWWC) 2019. Coming up next is the SEA Invitational presented by Overwatch Contenders which will be happening on 21 and 22 September 2019.

Blizzard is partnering with The Foundry to bring us this tournament. Eight teams will be competing in a single elimination format and the winning team will get round-trip flights to compete in the OWWC in Anaheim, California.

The participating teams (arranged according to seeding):

  • Thailand
  • Taiwan / Chinese Taipei
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • New Zealand
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines

The first day of the tournament will consist of the single elimination rounds (round of 8) and the second day will focus on the semi-finals and grand final. Matches start each day at 11AM UTC+8 and run until all scheduled matches are over.

Match schedules are as follows:

Day 1

QF1 – 11:00AM – Thailand vs. Philippines
QF2 – 1:00PM – Hong Kong vs. Singapore
QF3 – 3:00PM – Chinese Taipei vs. Malaysia
QF4 – 5:00PM – Japan vs. New Zealand

Day 2

SF1 – 11:00AM – QF1 vs. QF2
SF2 – 1:00PM – QF3 vs. QF4
GF – 3:00PM – SF1 vs. SF2

Malaysian fans should definitely tune in and give their full support to our team who will be doing their best! #MYtime

You can watch the English livestream here.

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