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The festive celebration of all things geek-related at the New York Comic Con 2019 won’t be complete without showcasing the collectibles and merchandise of our favourite characters and properties. Toy manufacturer Sideshow has a booth at the event, with some of the latest statues and sixth scale figures from both them and Hot Toys.

These include the 6th scale figure Hot Toys of:

  • Neon Tech War Machine
  • Avengers Endgame Black Widow
  • Avengers Endgame Iron Man Mark LXXXV
  • Avengers Endgame Rescue
  • Avengers Endgame Captain America (holding Mjolnir)
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Stan Lee (from his cameo speaking with the Watchers)
  • Spider-Man Far From Home Stealth Suit
  • Spider-Man Far From Home Upgraded Suit
  • Spider-Man Far From Home Mysterio
  • Spider-Man Homecoming Homemade Suit

All of these can be seen in the video below:

That’s not all the toys and merchandise Sideshow featured at NYCC 2019, as there were also a bunch of others from different beloved fandoms like DC Comics, Star Wars, It: Chapter Two, and more. Head on over to the official website here for the full list of every single toy and merch that was showcased.


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