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No Straight Roads Music Director Has Words About Hi-Fi Rush; Points Out Easter Egg [Update]

Bethesda and Tango Gameworks’ new action game Hi-Fi Rush is a lovely blend of 3D action ala Devil May Cry, cel-shaded presentation like Viewtiful Joe, and music rhythm mechanics from Rhythm Heaven. In fact, the action-music-rhythm game hybrid is clearly inspired by 2020’s Malaysian-made title No Straight Roads, and inevitable comparisons will be made between the two.

No Straight Roads’ music director Falk Au Yeong recently made a YouTube stream on Hi-Fi Rush in 2-parts. The second part is noteworthy because he talks about the inevitable comparisons and states that it’s a huge honour for Tango Gameworks for being inspired by No Straight Roads’ concept and “throwing 10 times the budget at their own take of it”. He also stressed that there is no animosity, bitterness, and jealousy regarding Hi-Fi Rush’s overwhelmingly positive response; it’s the complete opposite.

His final thoughts are at 4:59:50 in the video below. Spoiler warning since he talks about the whole game from start to finish.

In addition, he pointed out an obvious No Straight Roads homage which appears in Mimosa’s stage in Track 8. At the start of the chapter, you’ll be at this spot overlooking the festival.

The centrepiece above is clearly meant to mimic the centre square statue of Vinyl City from No Straight Roads. He did point out a couple more in the video above, but long story short, Falk is pretty humbled by having a small game like NSR be recognized by Bethesda and Shinji Mikami’s studio.

[Update 1/2/2023]: Turns out that Tango Gameworks based the garden’s globe on the Universal Studios sign, and not the No Straight Roads Vinyl City globe, according to a Kakuchopurei interview featuring the game’s director John Johanas.

For more on Hi-Fi Rush, check out our glowing review of the game. Also, you can check out No Straight Roads director Wan Hazmer’s thoughts on the title.

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