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After a two-day League of Legends tournament bout in The Philippines’ annual  LoL fiesta Conquerors Manila, Philippines team Liyab emerges victorious.

Liyab Esports won first place and the one million PHP cash prize in the event’s SEA Invitational, beating out three other regional teams such as the SEA Serpents and Steelwolves  Gaia. With smart rotations and picks, overwhelming jungle presence, and the team’s MVP jungler DoeDoii leading the charge, Liyab was a force to be reckoned with at Conquerers Manila.

Despite the team losing their LST 2019 playoffs invitational space to Thai team MEGA (ie a spot at this year’s LoL Worlds tournament), this victory proves that  Liyab E-Sports is still a Southeast Asian MOBA  force to be reckoned with.

Apart from that grand finals match, Conquerors Manila 2019 also featured a celebrity showdown LoL match where top streamers and gaming personalities like Suzzysaur and Ashley Gosiengfiao play friendly skirmishes for charity. We have pics!  


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